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Birgitta Langhammer

Birgitta Langhammer

Scientific publications

Debesay, Jonas; Langhammer, Birgitta; Nortvedt, Line (2023). Eldre innvandrerkvinner har dårligere helse enn resten av befolkningen. Tidsskriftet sykepleien .

Øverberg, Linda Thøring; Lugg, Elise Fritsch; Gaarder, Mona; Langhammer, Birgitta; Thommessen, Bente; Rønning, Ole Morten; Morland, Cecilie (2022). Plasma levels of BDNF and EGF are reduced in acute stroke patients. 10 p. Heliyon . Vol. 8.

Wong, Yih; Li, Chao-Jin-Zi; Ada, Louise; Zhang, Tong; Månum, Grethe; Langhammer, Birgitta (2022). Upper limb training with a dynamic hand orthosis in early subacute stroke: A pilot randomized trial. Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine . Vol. 54:jrm00279.

Li, Chao-Jin-Zi; Wong, Yih; Langhammer, Birgitta; Huang, Fu-Biao; Du, Xiaoxia; Wang, Yun-Lei; Zhang, Hao-Jie; Tong, Zhang (2022). A study of dynamic hand orthosis combined with unilateral task-oriented training in subacute stroke: A functional near-infrared spectroscopy case series. Frontiers in Neurology . Vol. 13.

Solbakken, Liss Marita; Langhammer, Birgitta; Sundseth, Antje; Brovold, Therese (2022). Transitional care for patients with acute stroke—a priority-setting project. Health Expectations . Vol. 25.

Debesay, Jonas; Nortvedt, Line; Langhammer, Birgitta (2022). Social Inequalities and Health among Older Immigrant Women in the Nordic Countries: An Integrative Review. Sage Open Nursing .

Langhammer, Birgitta; Ihle-Hansen, Hege; Indredavik, Bent; Askim, Torunn (2022). Perceived Caregiver Strain, 3- and 18-Month Poststroke, in a Cohort of Caregivers from the Life after Stroke Trial (LAST). 7 p. Nursing Research and Practice . Vol. 2022.

Kvambekk, Ann Kristin; Feiring, Marte; Askim, Torunn; Langhammer, Birgitta (2022). En studie av fysioterapeuters erfaringer som treningskoordinatorer i et forskningsprosjekt. Fysioterapeuten .

Wang, Rongrong; Hu, Xiaolei; Zhang, Tong; Fugl-Meyer, Kerstin S.; Langhammer, Birgitta (2021). Cross-cultural adaptation of Life Satisfaction Checklist-11 among persons with stroke in China: A reliability and validity study. Physiotherapy Research International . Vol. 26.

Feng, Boning; Langhammer, Birgitta; Do, Thuan Van; Jacot, Niels; Santos, Bernardo; Dzogovic, Bruno; Nesse, Per Jonny; Van Do, Thanh (2021). Ageing@home: A secure 5G welfare technology solution for elderlies. Melero, Francisco; Burnard, Mike (Ed.). Sheldon 3rd Online Conference Meeting. 2. p. 17-35.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete