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Line Kildal Bragstad

Line Kildal Bragstad


Line Kildal Bragstad is a professor of occupational therapy at Oslo Metropolitan University. Her research focuses on complex interventions in health and rehabilitation services, with an emphasis on services for individuals with long-term, chronic, and complex conditions. Bragstad is particularly interested in research related to municipal health and care services and interventions that span across services and sectors. In recent years, she has had a special focus on services and support for individuals with stroke and neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinsons disease. Bragstad is dedicated to method development in complex interventions, with a focus on process evaluation and the use of various methods in knowledge development in the field. She teaches courses on complex interventions in health and rehabilitation, knowledge translation and implementation, mixed methods, quantitative methods, and statistics.


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Other health sciences   Health sciences   Health service and health administration research

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Action research   Disability   Medical statistics   User participation   Care-taking of elders   Cerebral stroke   Psycho-social difficulties   Parkinson's disease   Old people   Application development   Next of kin   Mixed methods   Complex interventions   Non-pharmacological intervention   Aquired brain injury


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Scientific publications

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