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Interventions in Work and Everyday Life

This research group’s main focus is on the development and evaluation of complex interventions in work and everyday life.

The research group's main focus is the development and evaluation of complex interventions in work and everyday life. Our research focuses on the following main topics:

National health strategies emphasize interventions that promote activity and participation among the population, in the local community and society, and throughout the life cycle. Therefore, we study interventions that target individuals or groups who have challenges in mastering work and everyday life in different phases of life.

As a basis for developing activity-oriented interventions, there is a need to develop research-based knowledge about activity and participation, both in the general population and in groups in need of health care.

Complex interventions include summarizing relevant empirical knowledge and theory, developing, piloting and adjusting interventions, full-scale studies with experimental design, qualitative studies to explore individual experiences and processes, and implementing results in practice.

For effective interventions to be used, research and practice must be linked. Development and implementation of projects must take place in close collaboration between users, clinicians and researchers, so that the results are implemented in clinical practice. Central to the research group's activity is user involvement in research and interdisciplinary collaboration.

The research group belongs to the Department of Rehabilitation Science and Health Technology and collaborates with a wide range of interdisciplinary research environments both nationally and internationally.

Thematic areas for our research

•    Interventions to promote occupational health and participation in education
•    Interventions to promote participation in everyday life occupations

Some of the projects are based at Oslo Metropolitan University. However, several of the projects have other institutions as their main address. These projects have members from our research group as collaborating researchers or as primary investigators.

Head of research group

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