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Acute/critically ill and injured

Patient safety is particularly important through the medical emergency chain of health services, including both prehospital- and in-hospital care. Our main objective is to contribute to a systematic and coordinated chain of emergency services.

Professional medical emergency personnel need to have a robust and adaptive approach to patients who experience acute or critical changes in their physical or mental condition. In addition to the patient, they must also draw attention to family members and various healthcare workers and medical personnel.

Our aim is to ensure equal and high-quality emergency pathways, by increasing knowledge in the education of paramedics and specialized nurses. User involvement in research, development, innovation and evaluation of clinical interventions is highly prioritized. 

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      Research is being conducted throughout the medical emergency chain, from the first call to the Emergency Medical Service Dispatch Center to the patient is discharged from the intensive care unit, post-operative unit, or another specialized hospital unit. We use research methods based on both qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods, as well as register data and systematic reviews.

      The expertise in the group is broad, and consists of nurses, paramedics, physicians and other professions - all with extensive, clinical emergency medical experience. The research group has an extensive national and international network.