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Vigdis Schnell Husby

Vigdis Schnell Husby

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Rehabilitation   Opptrening   Operating theatre nursing   Muscular strength   Hip- and knee prosthesis

Research projects

Scientific publications

Kvalsund, Gunn Eli; Hagen, Inger Hilde; Husby, Vigdis Kvitland Schnell (2024). Sjekkliste for trygg kirurgi skaper trygghet for pasienten – en kvalitativ studie av pasienters erfaringer med sjekkliste for trygg kirurgi. Inspira – tidsskrift for anestesi-, operasjon- og intensivsykepleiere.

Vikan, Magnhild ; Deilkås, Ellen Catharina Tveter; Valeberg, Berit Taraldsen ; Bjørnnes, Ann Kristin ; Husby, Vigdis Kvitland Schnell ; Haugen, Arvid Steinar ; Danielsen, Stein Ove (2024). The anatomy of safe surgical teams: an interview-based qualitative study among members of surgical teams at tertiary referral hospitals in Norway. Patient Safety in Surgery. Vol. 18.

Johnsen, Magnus; Mousavizadeh, Rouhollah; Scott, Alex; Havik, Steinar; Husby, Vigdis Kvitland Schnell ; Winther, Siri Bjørgen; Husby, Otto Schnell; Lian, Øystein Bjerkestrand (2024). The tourniquet's effects on skeletal muscle during total knee arthroplasty. Journal of Orthopaedic Research.

Haugan, Kristin; Foss, Olav A.; Husby, Otto Schnell; Husby, Vigdis Kvitland Schnell ; Svenningsen, Svein; Winther, Siri Bjørgen (2023). Surgical approach had minor association with femoral stem migration in total hip arthroplasty: radiostereometric analysis of 61 patients after 5-year follow-up. 5 p. Acta Orthopaedica. Vol. 94.

Holthe, Erlend; Husby, Vigdis Kvitland Schnell (2023). Barriers to Organ Donation A Qualitative Study of Intensive Care Nurses' Experiences. Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing.

Husby, Vigdis Kvitland Schnell ; Rian, Torbjørn; Klaksvik, Jomar; Wik, Tina Strømdal; Winther, Siri Bjørgen (2023). Physical activity in the first postoperative week in 132 knee arthroplasty patients randomized to 3 different analgesic regimens. Medicine. Vol. 102.

Rasouli, Omid ; Husby, Vigdis Kvitland Schnell ; Witsø, Aud Elisabeth; Røstad, Monica; Aasan, Synnøve; Slettahjell, Lisbet; Kvam, Lisbeth (2022). Using welfare technology for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Expectations, experiences, and challenges of intellectual disability nursing students during clinical placement. 7 p. Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology.

Sevaldsen, Kirsti; Husby, Otto Schnell; Lian, Øystein Bjerkestrand; Farran, Kamel Mohamed; Husby, Vigdis Schnell (2021). Is the French Paradox cementing philosophy superior to the standard cementing? A randomized controlled RSA trial and comparative analysis of femoral stem migration pattern between the line-to-line and standard cementing of a highly polished stem. The Bone & Joint Journal. Vol. 104-B.

Rasouli, Omid ; Kvam, Lisbeth; Husby, Vigdis Schnell ; Røstad, Monica; Witsø, Aud Elisabeth (2021). Understanding the possibilities and limitations of assistive technology in health and welfare services for people with intellectual disabilities, staff perspectives. Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology.

Sevaldsen, Kirsti; Husby, Otto Schnell; Lian, Øystein Bjerkestrand; Husby, Vigdis Schnell (2020). Does the line-to-line cementing technique of the femoral stem create an adequate cement mantle?. HIP International.

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