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Sølvi Helseth

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Quality of Life   Psychometrics   Childhood and youth   Pain research   Health Related Quality of Life   Mixed methods   Overweight   Intervention research

Scientific publications

Valla, Lisbeth; Småstuen, Milada Cvancarova; Andenæs, Randi; Misvær, Nina; Olbjørn, Christine; Helseth, Sølvi (2021). Association between colic and sleep problems in infancy and subsequent development, emotional and behavioral problems: a longitudinal study. 8 p. BMC Pediatrics . Vol. 21.

Holmen, Heidi; Riiser, Kirsti; Løyland, Borghild; Sandbekken, Ida Hellum; Almendingen, Kari; Andenæs, Randi; Bjørnnes, Ann Kristin; Holmberg Fagerlund, Bettina; Albertini Früh, Elena; Helseth, Sølvi; Kvarme, Lisbeth Gravdal; Leegaard, Marit; Misvær, Nina; Pallesen, Ståle; Rasalingam, Anurajee; Ravn, Ingrid Helen; Ribu, Lis; Rostad, Hanne Marie; Nilsen, Bente; Sæterstrand, Torill Margaret; Torbjørnsen, Astrid; Utne, Inger; Valeberg, Berit Taraldsen; Valla, Lisbeth; Winger, Anette; Grov, Ellen Karine (2021). Students’ top 10 priorities of research uncertainties on students’ sleep: a pragmatic James Lind Alliance approach. BMJ Open .

Rasalingam, Anurajee; Fegran, Liv; Brekke, Idunn; Helseth, Sølvi (2020). Young people with long-term health challenges experiences in transition to adulthood: A qualitative metasynthesis. Journal of Advanced Nursing . Vol. 77.

Skarstein, Siv; Helseth, Sølvi; Kvarme, Lisbeth Gravdal (2020). It hurts inside: A qualitative study investigating social exclusion and bullying among adolescents reporting frequent pain and high use of non-prescription analgesics. BMC Psychology . Vol. 8.

Mikkelsen, Hilde Elisabeth Timenes; Haraldstad, Kristin; Helseth, Sølvi; Skarstein, Siv; Småstuen, Milada Cvancarova; Rohde, Gudrun E. (2020). Health‑related quality of life is strongly associated with self‑efficacy, self‑esteem, loneliness, and stress in 14–15‑year‑old adolescents: a cross‑sectional study. 17 p. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes . Vol. 18.

Winger, Anette; Kvarme, Lisbeth Gravdal; Løyland, Borghild; Kristiansen, Camilla; Helseth, Sølvi; Ravn, Ingrid Helen (2020). Family experiences with palliative care for children at home: a systematic literature review. BMC Palliative Care . Vol. 19.

Urstad, Kristin Hjorthaug; Andenæs, Randi; Wahl, Astrid Klopstad; Kvarme, Lisbeth Gravdal; Helseth, Sølvi; Moum, Torbjørn Åge (2020). The Health Literacy Questionnaire: Initial Validity Testing in a Norwegian Sample. HLRP: Health Literacy Research and Practice . Vol. 4.

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Riiser, Kirsti; Helseth, Sølvi; Christophersen, Knut-Andreas; Haraldstad, Kristin (2020). Confirmatory factor analysis of the proxy version of Kidscreen-27 and relationships between health-related quality of life dimensions and body mass index and physical activity in young schoolchildren. 6 p. Preventive Medicine Reports . Vol. 20.

Riiser, Kirsti; Helseth, Sølvi; Haraldstad, Kristin; Torbjørnsen, Astrid; Richardsen, Kåre Rønn (2020). Adolescents’ health literacy, health protective measures, and health-related quality of life during the Covid-19 pandemic. 13 p. PLOS ONE . Vol. 15.

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