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Idunn Brekke

Idunn Brekke


Idunn Brekke has a master in Sociology (2001) and a PhD in Sociology from Department of Sociology and Human Geography (UIO). Her main research interests are sickness absence, social inequality in health, labour market, disability, minorities, youth and education. She teach in quantitative methods.

Research projects

Scientific publications

Wondemu, Michael Yisfashewa ; Hermansen, Åsmund ; Joranger, Pål ; Brekke, Idunn (2024). Sickness absence among mothers caring for a child with disability: Examining the impact of mechanical and psychosocial occupational exposures. SSM - Population Health. Vol. 25.

Rasalingam, Anurajee ; Brekke, Idunn ; Stenberg, Una; Haaland-Øverby, Mette ; Helseth, Sølvi (2023). ‘Struggling to participate in everyday life’: emerging adults’ experiences of living with long-term health challenges. BMC Public Health. Vol. 23.

Brekke, Idunn ; Alecu, Andreea Ioana ; Ugreninov, Elisabeth ; Suren, Pål; Evensen, Miriam (2023). Educational achievement among children with a disability: do parental resources compensate for disadvantage?. 9 p. SSM - Population Health. Vol. 23.

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Wondemu, Michael Yisfashewa ; Joranger, Pål ; Hermansen, Åsmund ; Brekke, Idunn (2022). Impact of child disability on parental employment and labour income: a quasi-experimental study of parents of children with disabilities in Norway. 11 p. BMC Public Health. Vol. 22.

Madsen, Aleksander Årnes; Brekke, Idunn ; Bringsrud Fekjær, Silje (2021). Women’s Attrition from Male-Dominated Workplaces in Norway: The Importance of Numerical Minority Status, Motherhood and Class. 19 p. Work, Employment and Society.

Rasalingam, Anurajee ; Brekke, Idunn ; Dahl, Espen ; Helseth, Sølvi (2021). Impact of growing up with somatic long-term health challenges on school completion, NEET status and disability pension: a population-based longitudinal study. BMC Public Health. Vol. 21.

von Simson, Kristine; Brekke, Idunn ; Hardoy, Ines (2021). The Impact of Mental Health Problems in Adolescence on Educational Attainment. 15 p. Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research.

Brekke, Idunn ; Evensen, Miriam; Hart, Rannveig Kaldager (2020). Uptake of Attendance Benefit for Children with a Disability in Norway: Impact of Socioeconomic Status and Immigrant Background. Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research. Vol. 22.

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