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Elisabeth Ugreninov

Elisabeth Ugreninov

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Welfare state   Poverty   Sickness Absence   Discrimination - labour market   Informal care

Research projects

Scientific publications

Ugreninov, Elisabeth; Magnusson Turner, Lena (2021). Next to Nothing: The Impact of the Norwegian Introduction Programme on Female Immigrants’ Labour Market Inclusion. Journal of Social Policy .

Bjørnshagen, Vegar; Ugreninov, Elisabeth (2021). Disability Disadvantage: Experimental Evidence of Hiring Discrimination against Wheelchair Users. European Sociological Review .

Bjørnshagen, Vegar; Ugreninov, Elisabeth (2020). Labour market inclusion of young people with mental health problems in Norway. Alter - European Journal of Disability Research .

Isungset, Martin Arstad; Lillehagen, Mats; Ugreninov, Elisabeth (2019). One Order Fits All? Birth Order and Education in Immigrant Families. European Sociological Review .

Bjørnshagen, Vegar; Moseng, Bera Ulstein; Ugreninov, Elisabeth (2019). Who Do You Reach? A Norwegian Pilot Project on HIV Self-Testing that Targeted Men Who Have Sex with Men. Aids and Behavior .

Birkelund, Gunn Elisabeth; Chan, Tak Wing; Ugreninov, Elisabeth; Midtbøen, Arnfinn Haagensen; Rogstad, Jon (2019). Do terrorist Attacks Affect Ethnic Discrimination in the Labour Market? Evidence from Two Randomised Field Experiments. British Journal of Sociology . Vol. 70.

Finnvold, Jon Erik; Ugreninov, Elisabeth (2018). Refugees’ admission to mental health institutions in Norway: Is there an ethnic density effect?. Social Science and Medicine . Vol. 209.

Isungset, Martin Arstad; Lillehagen, Mats; Ugreninov, Elisabeth (2017). Fødselsrekkefølge og utdanningsoppnåelse: Har foreldrenes landbakgrunn betydning?. Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning . Vol. 58.

Ugreninov, Elisabeth; Spannagel, Dorothee (2016). Poverty and social exclusion as a Challenge for Active Inclusion - the spatial dimension. Halvorsen, Rune; Hvinden, Bjørn (Ed.). Combating Poverty in Europe. Active Inclusion in a Multi-Level and Multi-Actor Context. 3. p. 46-61. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Hamre, Karin; Ugreninov, Elisabeth (2015). Døtre i skvis mellom arbeid og foreldreomsorg - er det noen sammenheng mellom omsorgsforpliktelser og sykefravær? :. Sosiologi i dag . Vol. 45.

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