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Mental health and life satisfaction among youth with disabilities and experiences of services in the post-pandemic period (D-youth)

This project will provide new knowledge on mental health, life satisfaction, and use of services among youth with disabilities in the Nordic countries during the post-pandemic period.

The project will examine changes in life satisfaction and use of health services during the post-pandemic period among youth with and without disabilities, as well as subjective experiences of well-being and services among youth with disabilities, and whether living conditions and background factors shape these experiences. 

The project will also investigate the subjective consequences of unmet needs for services among youth with disabilities during this period, and investigate the consequences of the pandemic on health, participation, and social support for youth with intellectual disabilities.

The study will use population and register-based data from Finland and Norway, as well as qualitative interviews in Norway, focus groups in Iceland, and focus groups and interviews in Sweden.

The knowledge generated by the project will be relevant for supporting the equality and rights of youth with disabilities in the Nordic countries, and to developing targeted services for this group.

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