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Living Conditions for Adults with ADHD

The project will map living conditions and quality of life among adults with ADHD.

The researchers will investigate how adults with ADHD experience their own health status as well as various aspects of being in education and employment. 

The researchers have developed a web-based survey on living conditions and quality of life for adults with ADHD. The web-based survey is distributed through social media and is aimed at people over the age of 18 with ADHD. The results for adults with ADHD will be compared with the general population in the same age group. 

The results from the project will be presented in a NOVA Notat. The knowledge produced by the project is relevant to the development of more targeted and efficient services for this group.

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A toughtful young man sitting alone
Anxiety and depression more common among adults with ADHD

According to new research, there may be several reasons for this.