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Andreea Ioana Alecu

Andreea Ioana Alecu

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Comparative politics   Sociology

Subject areas

Welfare state   Social inequalities   Trust   Discrimination - labour market   Poverty

Research projects

Scientific publications

Alecu, Andreea Ioana; Helland, Håvard; Hjellbrekke, Johannes; Jarness, Vegard (2022). Who you know: The classed structure of social capital. British Journal of Sociology . Vol. 73.

Fekjær, Silje Bringsrud; Alecu, Andreea Ioana (2021). Attrition of Police Officers With Immigrant Background. Police Quarterly (PQ) .

Alecu, Andreea Ioana (2021). Exploring the role of network diversity and resources in relationship to generalized trust in Norway. Social Networks . Vol. 66.

Alecu, Andreea Ioana; Fekjær, Silje Bringsrud (2020). Female attrition from the police profession. Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management . Vol. 43.

Alecu, Andreea Ioana (2019). Which doctors do we trust? A vignette experiment of how gender and ethnicity influence trust. Ethnicities .

Alecu, Andreea Ioana (2019). Putting a Face to Institutions: Professionals and Generalized Trust. Professions and Professionalism . Vol. 9.

Sadeghi, Talieh; Alecu, Andreea Ioana; Fekjær, Silje Bringsrud; Meldalen, Sindre Granly; Thørrisen, Mikkel Magnus (2019). Ruskjøring: Straffes menn og kvinner ulikt?. Retfærd. Nordisk Juridisk Tidsskrift .

Alecu, Andreea Ioana; Drange, Ida (2019). Barriers to Access? Immigrant Origin and Occupational Regulation. Nordic Journal of Migration Research . Vol. 9.

Alecu, Andreea Ioana; Drange, Ida (2016). Hvilken betydning har regulering av yrker for yrkesmobilitet i Norge?. Søkelys på arbeidslivet . Vol. 33.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete