Do you want to participate in an interview about how it is to receive social assistance?

We are looking for participants to a study about how it is to receive social assistance. Your contribution is important for us to understand how it is to live on social assistance.

Do you want to participate in a project where we are investigating the needs of persons and households that receive social assistance in Norway? We will investigate consumption of food and beverages, clothing and shoes, transportation, and other things we need in our everyday life. This is a topic that have been done little research on, and your participation will be an important contribution if we are to examine how it is to live on social assistance.

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Are you interested in participating?

Please leave your contact information by following this link ( or contact Markus Lynum for a non-committal talk about the project.

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About the project

  • About the project

    In this project SIFO will prepare a knowledge base for the ministry of work and inclusion in their work with assessing the national guidelines for handing out social assistance. The research project’s goal is to investigate what consumption needs recipients of social assistance has and what a reasonable livelihood entails for this group and for different categories of recipients when it comes to length of social assistance reception.  

    We wish to provide insight into what costs and consequences recipients of social assistance experience. To do this we are gathering data through several different methods, which include interviews and surveys among others. We do this to consider both the income and expenses one has while receiving social assistance. It is therefore important for us to learn about the experiences of the recipients of social assistance so that we can contribute with nuanced knowledge about how it is to live on social assistance and the economic situation reception of this transfer entails.

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