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Consumption Policy and Economy

This research group is part of Consumption Research Norway (SIFO). Consumption, lifestyle and living conditions are the key issues that unite the research in this group. Central in the development of this area is SIFO’s Reference Budget for Consumer Expenditures.

Within the field of Consumer economy, our main research is on the consumer resource dispositions in a household perspective. Through this work, SIFO has distinguished itself as a central supplier of conditions for participants working on consumer economic issues within politics, administrations, private sector and the media.

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    Through empirical studies we also try to understand how individual consumers orient themselves and make their decisions. Our task is to contribute to extended knowledge of the consumer situation, and thus contribute to increased consumer influence.

    We are also concerned with the consumptions social and individual meaning. On the one hand products and services are viewed as symbols of communication with added meaning. On the other hand articles of consumption also have the angle of usage, and can be seen as tools capable of changing the day to day schedule and interaction between people.

    By studying the consumers on such different arenas as the banking-, cosmetics-, food- and clothing industry, and in informal distribution systems, as well as by studying how exposed consumer groups like debt victims and economically challenged families are making ends meet – or not, we will gain insight into the mechanics that control the priorities of the consumers.