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Håvard Helland

Håvard Helland


Helland is a sociologist (dr. polit. from the University of Oslo). Among his research interests are inequalities in education and in the labour market, social closure, educational choice, educational fields, ethnic minorities’ educational and labour market careers, the study of professions and professions’ labour markets, and social divisions within the highly educated middle class. He has mainly used quantitative methods and has taught several courses in such methods at both MA and Ph.D. level. He is regularly used as referee of scientific journals (both national and international), and was co-editor of Sosiologi i dag in the period 2004 – 2006. He has also led several research projects, and currently supervises six PhD-students at SPS.

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Stratification   Labour   Labour market   Social inequalities   Youth   Education   Immigration   Educational choice   Educational field



Research projects

Scientific publications

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