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Karl Ingar Kittelsen Røberg

Karl Ingar Kittelsen Røberg

Research projects

Scientific publications

Admiraal, Wilfried ; Røberg, Karl Ingar Kittelsen ; Wiers-Jenssen, Jannecke ; Saab, Nadira (2023). Mind the gap: Early-career teachers’ level of preparedness, professional development, working conditions, and feelings of distress. Social Psychology of Education. Vol. 26.

Helland, Håvard ; Wiborg, Øyvind Nicolay; Røberg, Karl Ingar Kittelsen (2023). Who chooses fast-track programs in mathematics? The role of class origin, ethnicity, and gender among Norwegian lower-secondary students. 25 p. European Societies.

Admiraal, Wilfried ; Røberg, Karl Ingar Kittelsen (2023). Teachers’ job demands, resources and their job satisfaction: Satisfaction with school, career choice and teaching profession of teachers in different career stages. Teaching and Teacher Education : An International Journal of Research and Studies. Vol. 125.

Madsen, Aleksander Å.; Røberg, Karl Ingar Kittelsen (2021). Education–occupation mismatch and long-term sickness absence: a longitudinal study of over- and under-education using Norwegian population data, 2003–2013. Journal of Education and Work. Vol. 34.

Røberg, Karl Ingar Kittelsen ; Helland, Håvard (2016). Do grades in higher education matter for labour market rewards? A multilevel analysis of all Norwegian graduates in the period 1990–2006. 20 p. Journal of Education and Work. Vol. 30.

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