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Jan Sverre Knudsen

Jan Sverre Knudsen


My work and publications are related to various subdisciplines of current musicology: music therapy, ethnomusicology, music education and the sociology of music. Underlying my profesional work is an interest in understanding the many ways in which a musical practice is made meaningfull and powerful - as an emblem of national identity, as a tool for building group solidarity, or as spontaneous improvised communication between children.

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Ethnomusicology   Music Therrapy   Popular Music Studies


Chile   Gambia   India   Norway   Palestine   Zimbabwe

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Scientific publications

Knudsen, Jan Sverre ; Onsrud, Silje Valde (2023). Ideology, selective tradition, and naturalization in the music teacher education curriculum. 22 p. Nordic Research in Music Education. Vol. 4.

Knudsen, Jan Sverre ; Ågedal, Lise Lotte (2023). Spontansangen i barnas verden. Balsnes, Anne Haugland; Hagen, Liv Anna; Haukenes, Siri (Ed.). Sangglede og stemmebruk i barnehagen. Gyldendal Akademisk.

Knudsen, Jan Sverre (2023). En musikksjanger bygger sted - Stedsidentitet og musikkopplevelse på Notodden Blues Festival. Studia Musicologica Norvegica. Vol. 49.

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Knudsen, Jan Sverre (2021). Arts for Children, Cultural Diversity and the Production of Difference. 16 p. Nordic Journal of Art and Research (A & R). Vol. 10.

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Knudsen, Jan Sverre ; Aglen, Gry Sagmo ; Danbolt, Ingrid Anette ; Engesnes, Nina (2018). Musical pathfinders of the kindergarten. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood.

Knudsen, Jan Sverre (2018). Songkanon i skola och förskola. Trulsson, Ylva Hofvander; Westvall, Maria (Ed.). p. 121-136. Studentlitteratur AB.

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Knudsen, Jan Sverre (2017). Music in the Aftermath of the 2011 Utøya Massacre. Holt, Fabian; Kärje, Antti-Ville (Ed.). The Oxford Handbook of Popular Music in the Nordic Countries. p. 257-276. Oxford University Press.

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