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Thea Bertnes Strømme

Thea Bertnes Strømme

Research projects

Scientific publications

Ebad Fardzadeh, Haghish; Obaidi, Milan; Strømme, Thea Bertnes; Bjørgo, Tore; Grønnerød, Cato (2023). Mental Health, Well-Being, and Adolescent Extremism: A Machine Learning Study on Risk and Protective Factors. Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology.

Hansen, Marianne Nordli; Strømme, Thea Bertnes (2021). Historical change in an elite profession—Class origins and grades among law graduates over 200 years. 21 p. British Journal of Sociology. Vol. 72.

Jarness, Vegard; Strømme, Thea Bertnes (2021). Advantages of upper-class backgrounds: Forms of capital, school cultures and educational performance. Sociological Review.

Myklebust, Runa Brandal; Seehuus, Sara Marie Jorunn; Strømme, Thea Bertnes (2021). Betydningen av kjønn og skoleprestasjoner for utdannings- og arbeidsmarkedsutfall. Krumsvik, Rune Johan (Ed.). Hva vet vi om skoleprestasjoner? Ulike perspektiver på skolegang og skoleprestasjoner. p. 229-245. Fagbokforlaget.

Strømme, Thea Bertnes; Helland, Håvard (2020). Parents’ educational involvement: Types of resources and forms of involvement in four countries. British Educational Research Journal (BERJ). Vol. 46.

Strømme, Thea Bertnes (2020). Vocational and academic decisions in ‘classed’ school environments. Journal of Education and Work. Vol. 33.

Strømme, Thea Bertnes (2020). Educational aspirations and decisions in Barcelona, Spain and Bergen, Norway: the significance of class and class fractions. Journal of Youth Studies.

Strømme, Thea Bertnes (2019). School Misconduct in a Unified System: Norwegian 10th Graders in Bergen. Demanet, Jannick; Van Houtte, Mieke (Ed.). Resisting Education: A Cross-National Study on Systems and School Effects. p. 103-116. Springer.

Strømme, Thea Bertnes; Hansen, Marianne Nordli (2017). Closure in the elite professions: the field of law and medicine in an egalitarian context. Journal of Education and Work. Vol. 30.

Hansen, Marianne Nordli; Strømme, Thea Bertnes (2014). De klassiske profesjonene - fortsatt eliteprofesjoner?. Korsnes, Olav; Hansen, Marianne Nordli; Hjellbrekke, Johannes (Ed.). Elite og klasse i et egalitært samfunn. p. 39-53. Universitetsforlaget.

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