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Thea Bertnes Strømme

Thea Bertnes Strømme

Scientific publications

Strømme, Thea Bertnes (2020). Vocational and academic decisions in ‘classed’ school environments. Journal of Education and Work .

Strømme, Thea Bertnes (2020). Educational aspirations and decisions in Barcelona, Spain and Bergen, Norway: the significance of class and class fractions. Journal of Youth Studies .

Strømme, Thea Bertnes; Helland, Håvard (2020). Parents’ educational involvement: Types of resources and forms of involvement in four countries. British Educational Research Journal (BERJ) .

Strømme, Thea Bertnes (2019). School Misconduct in a Unified System: Norwegian 10th Graders in Bergen. Demanet, Jannick; Van Houtte, Mieke (Ed.). Resisting Education: A Cross-National Study on Systems and School Effects. Chapter 5. p. 103-116. Springer.

Strømme, Thea Bertnes; Hansen, Marianne Nordli (2017). Closure in the elite professions: the field of law and medicine in an egalitarian context. Journal of Education and Work . Vol. 30.

Hansen, Marianne Nordli; Strømme, Thea Bertnes (2014). De klassiske profesjonene - fortsatt eliteprofesjoner?. Korsnes, Olav; Hansen, Marianne Nordli; Hjellbrekke, Johannes (Ed.). Elite og klasse i et egalitært samfunn. Kapittel 3. p. 39-53. Universitetsforlaget.

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