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Silje Fekjær

Silje Fekjær

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Working life   Quantitative methods   Social inequalities   Education   Police   Professions

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Scientific publications

Fekjær, Silje ; Øverbye, Einar ; Terum, Lars Inge (2023). Who deserves to be sanctioned? A vignette experiment of ethnic discrimination among street-level bureaucrats. 15 p. Acta Sociologica.

Bøyum, Steinar; Fekjær, Silje (2023). Kritisk refleksjon over forskning i profesjonsutdanning. Mausethagen, Sølvi; Bøyum, Steinar; Caspersen, Joakim; Prøitz, Tine Sophie; Thue, Fredrik (Ed.). En forskningsbasert skole? Forskningens plass i lærerutdanning og skole. Universitetsforlaget.

Fekjær, Silje ; Alecu, Andreea Ioana (2023). In the Forefront of Female Policing? Women in the Scandinavian Police Forces. Prenzler, Tim (Ed.). Gender Inclusive Policing: Challenges and Achievements. p. 1-11. Routledge.

Fekjær, Silje Bringsrud ; Prøitz, Tine Sophie; Mausethagen, Sølvi (2022). Offentlig ph.d.: Forskerkompetanse for skoleutvikling. Mausethagen, Sølvi; Helstad, Kristin (Ed.). Skoleutvikling - i forskning, politikk og praksis. p. 233-251. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.

Fekjær, Silje Bringsrud ; Rasmussen, Erik Børve ; Terum, Lars Inge (2022). Sanctioning the sick: Do perceptions of activating the sick and diagnosis matter?. Social Policy & Administration. Vol. 56.

Madsen, Aleksander Årnes; Brekke, Idunn ; Bringsrud Fekjær, Silje (2021). Women’s Attrition from Male-Dominated Workplaces in Norway: The Importance of Numerical Minority Status, Motherhood and Class. 19 p. Work, Employment and Society.

Fekjær, Silje Bringsrud ; Alecu, Andreea Ioana (2021). Attrition of Police Officers With Immigrant Background. Police Quarterly (PQ).

Bloksgaard, Lotte; Fekjær, Silje Bringsrud ; Møberg, Rasmus Juul (2020). Is “real” police work masculinely gendered? Conceptions of gender and competencies among Scandinavian police students. Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies. Vol. 10.

Bloksgaard, Lotte; Fekjær, Silje Bringsrud ; Møberg, Rasmus Juul (2020). Conceptions of gender and competencies among police recruits in Scandinavia. 16 p. Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies. Vol. 10.

Alecu, Andreea Ioana ; Fekjær, Silje Bringsrud (2020). Female attrition from the police profession. 14 p. Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management. Vol. 43.

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