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Roger André Federici

Roger André Federici

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Motivation   School management   Quantitative methods   Coping   Structural equation modelling   Psychology of education   Self-perception   Teachers

Scientific publications

Federici, Roger André; Skaalvik, Einar Melgren (2022). Lærer–elev-relasjonen (2. utgave). Uthus, Marit (Ed.). Elevenes psykiske helse i skolen. Utdanning til å mestre egne liv.. Kapittel 9. p. 185-199. Gyldendal Akademisk.

Høgheim, Sigve; Jenssen, Eirik S.; Federici, Roger Andre (2022). Do lectures matter? Exploring students’ situational interest in two learning arenas in teacher education. Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research .

Høgheim, Sigve; Federici, Roger Andre (2020). Interest in teacher education: exploring the relation between student teacher interest and ambitions in teacher education. European Journal of Teacher Education .

Helleve, Arnfinn; Midthassel, Unni Vere; Federici, Roger Andre (2020). Finding the Balance Between Collaboration and Autonomy Among School Nurses in Interactions With Schools. Journal of School Nursing .

Federici, Roger Andre; Flatø, Martin; Bru, Lars Edvin; Midthassel, Unni Vere; Helleve, Arnfinn; Rønsen, Ester (2019). Can school nurses improve the school environment in Norwegian primary schools? A protocol for a randomized controlled trial. International Journal of Educational Research . Vol. 96.

Skaalvik, Einar Melgren; Federici, Roger Andre; Wigfield, Allan; Tangen, Truls Nilsen (2017). Students' Perceptions of Mathematics Classroom Goal Structures: Implications for Perceived Task Values and Study Behavior. Social Psychology of Education . Vol. 20.

Federici, Roger Andre; Skaalvik, Einar Melgren (2017). Lærer–elev-relasjonen. Uthus, Marit (Ed.). Elevenes psykiske helse i skolen. Utdanning til å mestre egne liv.. 8. p. 186-203. Gyldendal Akademisk.

Moen, Frode; Federici, Roger Andre (2017). Can Athlete-Centered Coaching Stimulate Need Satisfaction and Prevent Athlete Burnout?. International Journal of Sport Management . Vol. 18.

Federici, Roger Andre; Caspersen, Joakim; Wendelborg, Christian (2016). Students’ perceptions of teacher support, numeracy, and assessment for learning: Relations with motivational responses and mastery experiences. International Education Studies (IES) . Vol. 9.

Skaalvik, Einar Melgren; Federici, Roger Andre (2015). Relations between classroom goal structures and students' goal orientations in mathematics classes: When is a mastery goal structure adaptive?. 16 p. Social Psychology of Education .

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