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Anton Havnes

Anton Havnes

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

General education   Education

Subject areas

Higher education   Professional identity   Formative assessment   Workplace learning   Cultural-historical activity theory   Situated learing

Scientific publications

Havnes, Anton (2018). ECEC Professionalization?challenges of developing professional standards. European Early Childhood Education Research Journal . Vol. 26.

Ravik, Monika; Havnes, Anton; Bjørk, Ida Torunn (2017). Conditions affecting the performance of peripheral vein cannulation during hospital placement: a case study. 10 p. Nursing Research and Practice . Vol. 2017.

Ravik, Monika; Havnes, Anton; Bjørk, Ida Torunn (2017). Defining and comparing learning actions in two simulation modalities: Students training on a latex arm and on each other's arms. Journal of Clinical Nursing (JCN) . Vol. 26.

Caspersen, Joakim; Havnes, Anton; Smeby, Jens-Christian (2017). Profesjonskvalifisering i arbeid og etterutdanning. Mausethagen, Sølvi; Smeby, Jens-Christian (Ed.). Kvalifisering til profesjonell yrkesutøvelse. Kapittel 10. p. 118-129. Universitetsforlaget.

Prøitz, Tine Sophie; Havnes, Anton; Briggs, Mary; Scott, Ian (2017). Learning outcomes in professional contexts in higher education. European Journal of Education . Vol. 52.

Raaheim, Arild; Havnes, Anton (2016). Eksamen, vurdering og læring. Strømsø, Helge Ivar; Lycke, Kirsten Hofgaard; Lauvås, Per (Ed.). Når læring er det viktigste. Undervisning i høyere utdanning.. 5. p. 83-101. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.

Zlatanovic, Tatjana; Havnes, Anton; Mausethagen, Sølvi (2016). A Research Review of Nurse Teachers’ Competencies. Vocations and Learning .

Zlatanovic, Tatjana; Tveiten, Sidsel; Havnes, Anton (2016). Nurse Teachers perceived competencies in the context of students first clinical placements: a qualitative study. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice (JNEP) . Vol. 7.

Havnes, Anton; Prøitz, Tine Sophie (2016). Why use learning outcomes in higher education? Exploring the grounds for academic resistance and reclaiming the value of unexpected learning. Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability . Vol. 28.

Zlatanovic, Tatjana; Havnes, Anton; Tveiten, Sidsel (2016). Nurse teachers' perceived competencies in the context of students'first clinical placements: A qualitative study. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice (JNEP) . Vol. 7.

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