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Mette Sagbakken

Mette Sagbakken

Scientific publications

Strand, Ingrid Rachel ; Knutstad, Unni ; Havnes, Anton ; Sagbakken, Mette (2024). Addressing a critical voice in clinical practice. Experiences from nursing students, teachers, and supervisors - A qualitative study. 12 p. Nursing Reports. Vol. 14.

Bjørnson, Lene Kjelkenes; Sagbakken, Mette (2023). Life experiences leading to the choice of surgery—A qualitative study exploring reasons behind the choice of undergoing gender affirmative surgery. Frontiers in Sociology. Vol. 8.

Ereso, Berhane Megerssa; Sagbakken, Mette ; Gradmann, Christoph; Yimer, Solomon Abebe (2023). Total delay and associated factors among tuberculosis patients in Jimma Zone, Southwest Ethiopia. PLOS ONE. Vol. 18.

Adel, Rabee; Somerville, J; Abuadas, F. H.; Rubinat-Arnaldo, E; Sagbakken, Mette (2023). Health and well-being of refugees, asylum seekers, undocumented migrants, and internally displaced persons under COVID-19: a scoping review. Frontiers in Public Health. Vol. 11.

Varvin, Sverre ; Vladisavljevic, Ivana; Jovic, Vladimir; Sagbakken, Mette (2022). “I Have No Capacities That Can Help Me”: Young Asylum Seekers in Norway and Serbia – Flight as Disturbance of Developmental Processes. Frontiers in Psychology.

Sagbakken, Mette ; Bregård, Ida Marie ; Varvin, Sverre (2022). “Imagine, 7 Years Without a Future”: A Qualitative Study of Rejected Asylum Seekers' Life Conditions in Norway. Frontiers in Sociology. Vol. 7.

Czapka, Elzbieta ; Sagbakken, Mette (2022). “Good Care Means that you Make People Happy”. A Qualitative Study on Perceptions Regarding Good Dementia Care among People with Different Ethnic Backgrounds in Norway. Miscellanea Anthropologica et Sociologica. Vol. 23.

Finstad, Ingrid Rachel Strand ; Knutstad, Unni ; Havnes, Anton ; Sagbakken, Mette (2022). The paradox of an expected level: The assessment of nursing students during clinical practice – A qualitative study. 7 p. Nurse Education in Practice. Vol. 61.

Sagbakken, Mette ; Ingebretsen, Reidun ; Spilker, Ragnhild Anne Caroline Storste (2021). How to adapt caring services to migration-driven diversity? A qualitative study exploring challenges and possible adjustments in the care of people living with dementia. 25 p. PLOS ONE. Vol. 15.

Ereso, Berhane Megerssa; Sagbakken, Mette ; Gradmann, Christoph; Yimer, Solomon Abebe (2021). Treatment outcomes of patients with drug-sensitive tuberculosis under community-based versus facility-based directly observed treatment, short course strategy in Southwest Ethiopia: a prospective cohort study. 9 p. BMJ Open. Vol. 11.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete