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Jorun Rugkåsa

Jorun Rugkåsa


Jorun Rugkåsa is Professor of Mental Health Care at  the Faculty of Health Sciences. She holds a PhD in Sociology from Queen’s University, Belfast (2010). She specialises in health services research, and in particular mental health care. She has researched the effects and experiences of involuntary care, the continuity and collaboration between primary and specialist mental health care, and the role of family caregivers.

Fields of study

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Social anthropology   Sociology

Subject areas

Health services research   Medical Anthropology   Mental Health   Health Services Research   Mental Health Services   Sociology, Medical


United Kingdom   Norway

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Scientific publications

Nyttingnes, Olav; Saltyte Benth, Jurate; Hofstad, Tore; Rugkåsa, Jorun (2023). The relationship between area levels of involuntary psychiatric care and patient outcomes: a longitudinal national register study from Norway. BMC Psychiatry. Vol. 23:112.

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Nyttingnes, Olav; Rugkåsa, Jorun (2021). The Introduction of Medication-Free Mental Health Services in Norway: An Analysis of the Framing and Impact of Arguments From Different Standpoints. 14 p. Frontiers in Psychiatry. Vol. 12.

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