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Kristin Häikiö

Kristin Häikiö


Kristin Häikiö is responsible for the subjects PMED3900 Bachelor thesis and PMED1050 Public health and health management. Her specialities are supervision of students on bachelor-, master, and PhD levels.

Kristin teaches in subjects regarding: violence and neglect against older people, the perspectives of family caregivers to older persons living with dementia, academic writing, and research methods. 

In research, Kristin has experience with in-depth interviews, focus group interviews, participating observations, and questionnairs. She is familiar with qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods. Her research fields are: family caregiving, health services research, quality in healthcare, healht literacy, and coercion and self-determination in prehospital contexts. 

Kristin is the leader of the research group "Acute/critically ill and injured" 

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Other health sciences   Health service and health administration research

Subject areas

Emergency Medicine   Paramedic   Ambulance services   Acute and critically ill   Dementia care   Paramedic



Administrative field of work

Research collaboration   Research infrastructure   Research strategy

Scientific publications

Häikiö, Kristin; Harring, Astrid Karina V.; Kveen, Rune; Rand, Kim; Jørgensen, Trine Møgster (2023). Reduced quality of life, more technical challenges, and less study motivation among paramedic students after one year of the COVID-19 pandemic – a survey study. BMC Medical Education .

Thorvaldsen, Nina Øye; Bergem, Anne Kristine; Holst, Øyvind; Häikiö, Kristin (2022). Bruk av tvang under ambulansetransport. Tidsskrift for Den norske legeforening . Vol. 142. doi: 10.4045/tidsskr.22.0589

Häikiö, Kristin; Andersen, Jeanette Viggen; Bakkerud, Morten; Christiansen, Carl; Rand, Kim; Staff, Trine (2021). A retrospective survey study of paramedic students’ exposure to SARS‑CoV‑2, participation in the COVID‑19 pandemic response, and health‑related quality of life. 13 p. Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine . Vol. 29.

Häikiö, Kristin; Cloutier, Denise; Rugkåsa, Jorun (2020). Is health literacy of family carers associated with carer burden, quality of life, and time spent on informal care for older persons living with dementia?. PLOS ONE .

Häikiö, Kristin; Sagbakken, Mette; Rugkåsa, Jorun (2020). Family carers’ involvement strategies in response to sub-optimal health services to older adults living with dementia – a qualitative study. BMC Geriatrics . Vol. 20:290.

Häikiö, Kristin; Sagbakken, Mette; Rugkåsa, Jorun (2019). Dementia and patient safety in the community: a qualitative study of family carers’ protective practices and implications for services. BMC Health Services Research . Vol. 19:635.

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