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Mental Health

Our research concerns social, psychological and biological factors that affect mental health. The research group uses a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods to study vulnerability, prevalence, interventions and social and cultural factors linked to mental health.

The Mental Health research group is an interdisciplinary group comprising the three project groups Migration and global health, Relation and communication, and Clinical neuroscience.

The group has facilities for the preparation of research (ethics, user participation and RRI) and for dissemination and implementation in study programmes and health services.

The main purpose of the Mental Health research group’s work is to respond to society’s need for more knowledge of mental health by mobilising interdisciplinary project groups in the topics covered by its research. The group wishes to achieve this by identifying factors of significance to the vulnerability, development, treatment and safeguarding of people with mental disorders and their next-of-kin.

The research group forms part of the staff with responsibility for the Advanced Programme in Mental Health Care (Norwegian page) and the Master’s Degree Programme in Health Sciences, specialisation in mental health care (Norwegian page).

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    • More about the research

      National and international frameworks for research on mental health recommend integrating several levels of information in order to investigate basic function dimensions, including those that exist across clinical and non-clinical populations. The framework has, however, been criticised for doing little to translate the concepts into the actual human experiences that constitute the signs and symptoms that may indicate safeguarding and treating people with mental disorders and their next-of-kin.

      Research that endeavours to resolve the challenges facing society with respect to mental health can thus only succeed through mobilisation of interdisciplinary projects that address the translation of basic research into applied research. This requires a great deal of dissemination, not only in the form of scientific publication, but also through dissemination in education, and focusing on clinical practice and the general population. The Mental Health research group therefore comprises leading researchers in specific priority areas, educationalists with expertise in teaching, and experts on the dissemination of knowledge linked to the subject mental health and mental disorders. The group also conducts research linked to the group’s facilities for preparation and implementation (ethics, health service research) and internationalisation projects.

    • Projects

      Migration and global health

      • PhD Karoline Ekeberg "Mental disorders among young adults of immigrant background" (PI Dawit S. Abebe)
      • PhD Jennifer Drummond Johansen "Navigating and Negotiating complex contexts: A qualitative study of the experiences and perspectives of young adult children of refugees in Norway" (PI Sverre Varvin & Karin Harsløf Hjelde)
      • "Mental health and quality of life among refugees and asylum seekers: a multicentre study" (PI Mette Sagbakken & Sverre Varvin)
      • "Undocumented migrants’ mental health and global quality of life in a public health perspective" (PI Trine Myhrvold)
      • "Wellbeing in Immigrant Children: A Longitudinal and Life course Study" (PI Dawit S. Abebe)
      • "Mental health disorders among minority women: risk factors and consequences from a life-course perspective" (WP PI Dawit S. Abebe)

      Relation and communication

      • Anne Grete Sagen "Profesjonskvalifisering og praksis" (Prosjektgruppe: Anne Kristine Bergem, Øivind Lockertsen og Rune Jonassen)
      • Kari Margrethe Kepple "Hvilken betydning har stressmestringskurs basert på oppmerksomt nærvær (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) for styrking av studentenes relasjonskompetanse?" (Bente Weimand)
      • "Psychological strain on health personnel working with pediatric patients in emergency medicine and intensive care, a systematic review" (AK Bergem, S Skarstein, H Olsen-Bergem)

      Clinical neuroscience

      • PhD Elise Solbu Roalsø "Over the counter analgesics - painkillers or mind killers in adolescence" (PI Rune Jonassen & Marianne Aalberg)
      • PhD Sandra Klonteig "Advanced health intelligence and brain-inspired technologies (ADEPT)" (PI Rune Jonassen & Peyman Mirtaheri) 
    • Collaboration

      We have extensive collaborations with national and international research groups.