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Tonje Lossius Husum

Tonje Lossius Husum

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Willumsen Laake, Anniken Lucia ; Roaldset, John Olav; Husum, Tonje Lossius ; Bjørkly, Stål Kapstø; Gustavsen, Carina C.; Lockertsen, Øyvind (2024). Interrater reliability of the violence risk assessment checklist for youth: a case vignette study. BMC Psychiatry. Vol. 24.

Husum, Tonje Lossius ; Wormdahl, Irene; Kjus, Solveig Helene Høymork; Hatling, Trond; Rugkåsa, Jorun (2024). Something Happened with the Way We Work: Evaluating the Implementation of the Reducing Coercion in Norway (ReCoN) Intervention in Primary Mental Health Care. Healthcare. Vol. 12.

Lantta, Tella; Duxbury, Joy; Haines-Delmont, Alina; Björkdahl, Anna; Husum, Tonje Lossius ; Lickiewicz, Jakub; Douzenis, Athanassios; Craig, Elaine; Goodall, Katie; Bora, Christina; Whyte, Rachel; Whittington, Richard Charles (2023). Models, frameworks and theories in the implementation of programs targeted to reduce formal coercion in mental health settings: a systematic review. Frontiers in Psychiatry. Vol. 14.

Husum, Tonje Lossius ; Siqveland, Johan; Ruud, Torleif; Lickiewicz, Jakub (2023). Systematic literature review of the use of Staff Attitudes to Coercion Scale (SACS). 10 p. Frontiers in Psychiatry. Vol. 14.

Thorvaldsen, Nina Øye ; Husum, Tonje Lossius ; Sollid, Stephen J. M. (2023). Exploring use of coercion in the Norwegian ambulance service – a qualitative study. 14 p. Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine. Vol. 31.

Hofstad, Tore; Husum, Tonje Lossius ; Rugkåsa, Jorun ; Hofmann, Bjørn Morten (2022). Geographical variation in compulsory hospitalisation – ethical challenges. BMC Health Services Research. Vol. 22.

Wormdahl, Irene; Hatling, Trond; Husum, Tonje Lossius ; Kjus, Solveig Helene; Rugkåsa, Jorun ; Brodersen, Dorte; Christensen, signe Dahl; Nyborg, Petter Sundt; Skolseng, Torstein Borch; Ødegård, Eva Irene; Andersen, Anna Margrethe; Gundersen, Espen; Rise, Marit By (2022). The ReCoN intervention: a co-created comprehensive intervention for primary mental health care aiming to prevent involuntary admissions. BMC Health Services Research. Vol. 22.

Husum, Tonje Lossius ; Pedersen, Reidar; Aasland, Olaf Gjerløw (2022). Frequent Violations and Infringements against Users in Mental Health Care Confirmed by Both Users and Professionals–A Quantitative Study. 7 p. Issues in Mental Health Nursing. Vol. 43.

Husum, Tonje Lossius ; Ruud, Torleif; Lickiewicz, Jakub; Siqveland, Johan (2022). Measurement Properties of the Staff Attitude to Coercion Scale: A Systematic Review. 8 p. Frontiers in Psychiatry. Vol. 13.

Lickiewicz, Jakub; Husum, Tonje Lossius ; Ruud, Torleif; Siqveland, Johan; Musiał, Zofia; Makara-Studzińska, Marta (2021). Measuring Staff Attitudes to Coercion in Poland. 10 p. Frontiers in Psychiatry. Vol. 12.

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