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Ida Drange

Ida Drange

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Scientific publications

Silander, Charlotte; Drange, Ida; Pietilä, Maria; Reisel, Liza (2022). Promoting Gender Equality in STEM-oriented Universities: Institutional Policy Measures in Sweden, Finland and Norway. Griffin, Gabriele (Ed.). Gender inequalities in tech-driven research and innovation : living the contradiction. 6. p. 93-108. Bristol University Press.

Pietilä, Maria; Drange, Ida; Silander, Charlotte; Vabø, Agnete (2021). Gender and Globalization of Academic Labor Markets: Research and Teaching Staff at Nordic Universities. Social Inclusion . Vol. 3.

Bergene, Ann Cecilie; Drange, Ida (2021). Social Class, Union Strategies, and Preference in Wage Outcomes in Norway. Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies . Vol. 11.

Drange, Ida; Vabø, Mia (2021). A Cross-sectional Study of Sustainable Employment in Nordic Eldercare. Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies . Vol. 11.

Drange, Ida (2020). From lottery to application: Have the new rules for medical internships caused social inequality in recruitment patterns?. Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning . Vol. 61.

Drange, Ida (2020). Fra loddtrekning til søknadsbasert opptak. Har endret praksis for tildeling av turnusstillinger til nyutdannede leger ført til sosial ulikhet?. Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning . Vol. 61.

Borg, Elin; Drange, Ida (2019). Interprofessional collaboration in school: Effects on teaching and learning. Improving Schools . Vol. 22.

Orupabo, Julia; Drange, Ida; Abrahamsen, Bente (2019). Multiple frames of success: how second-generation immigrants experience educational support and belonging in higher education. Higher Education . Vol. 79.

Vabø, Mia; Drange, Ida; Amble, Nina (2019). Den vanskelige deltidsknuten en særnorsk utfordring som rammer unge helsefagarbeidere. Fagbladet samfunn og økonomi .

Askvik, Tanja; Drange, Ida (2019). Etnisk mangfold i akademia. Søkelys på arbeidslivet . Vol. 36.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete