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Ida Drange

Ida Drange

Research projects

Scientific publications

Bakkeli, Nan Zou ; Drange, Ida (2024). Relationship between payment problems and health: A nation-wide register study in Norway. Sociology of Health and Illness.

Drange, Ida ; Helland, Håvard ; Hermansen, Are Skeie (2024). Unionization, licensure, and workplace variation in pay inequality between immigrants and natives. Socio-Economic Review.

Silander, Charlotte; Reisel, Liza; Drange, Ida ; Pietilä, Maria (2024). National Policies Supporting Gender Equality in Academic Careers: Are the “Global Leaders” Doing What It Takes?. 16 p. NORA - Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research.

Umblijs, Janis; Drange, Ida ; Orupabo, Julia (2023). Ethnic Diversity and Firm Performance in Norway. 27 p. Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies. Vol. 13.

Drange, Ida ; Ingelsrud, Mari Holm (2023). Career choices after completion of vocational training: the case of licensed practical nurses. Journal of Vocational Education and Training.

Drange, Ida ; Pietilä, Maria; Reisel, Liza; Silander, Charlotte (2023). Advancing women’s representation in top academic positions – what works?. Studies in Higher Education.

Drange, Ida ; Falkum, Eivind ; Wathne, Christin Thea (2023). Covid, work reorganisation and trust: the importance of employment relations. 18 p. Labour and Industry.

Nortvedt, Line ; Gillespie, Astrid ; Dahl, Kari ; Drange, Ida (2023). ‘Open Sesame’: Skilled Immigrants’ Experiences with Bridging Programmes in the Validation Process in Norway. Teräs, Marianne; Osman, Ali; Eliasson, Eva (Ed.). Migration, Education and Employment. Pathways to Successful Integration. p. 155-178. Springer.

Silander, Charlotte; Drange, Ida ; Pietilä, Maria; Reisel, Liza (2022). Promoting Gender Equality in STEM-oriented Universities: Institutional Policy Measures in Sweden, Finland and Norway. Griffin, Gabriele (Ed.). Gender inequalities in tech-driven research and innovation : living the contradiction. p. 93-108. Bristol University Press.

Pietilä, Maria; Drange, Ida ; Silander, Charlotte; Vabø, Agnete (2021). Gender and Globalization of Academic Labor Markets: Research and Teaching Staff at Nordic Universities. Social Inclusion. Vol. 3.

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