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Mari Holm Ingelsrud

Mari Holm Ingelsrud

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Working life   Quantitative methods   Work environment   Sickness Absence   Participation   Part-time work   Working life and health   Employee participation   Temporary employment   Flexibility

Research projects

Scientific publications

Drange, Ida ; Ingelsrud, Mari Holm (2023). Career choices after completion of vocational training: the case of licensed practical nurses. Journal of Vocational Education and Training.

Egeland, Cathrine ; Ingelsrud, Mari Holm ; Pedersen, Eirin (2022). Fremmedgjort på hjemmekontor?. Norsk sosiologisk tidsskrift. Vol. 6.

Ingelsrud, Mari Holm (2021). Standard and non-standard working arrangements in Norway–consequences of COVID-19. 17 p. Labour and Industry. Vol. 31.

Ingelsrud, Mari Holm ; Warring, Niels; Gleerup, Janne; Hansen, Per Bonde ; Jakobsen, Anders; Underthun, Anders ; Weber, Søren Salling (2019). Precarity in Nordic working life?. Hvid, Helge Søndergaard; Falkum, Eivind (Ed.). Work and Wellbeing in the Nordic Countries. Critical Perspectives on the World's Best Working Lives. p. 285-301. Routledge.

Bernstrøm, Vilde Hoff ; Alves, Daniele Evelin ; Ellingsen, Dag ; Ingelsrud, Mari Holm (2019). Healthy working time arrangements for healthcare personnel and patients: a systematic literature review. BMC Health Services Research. Vol. 19:193.

Ellingsen, Dag ; Underthun, Anders ; Wathne, Christin Thea ; Ingelsrud, Mari Holm (2018). Arbeid gjennom bemanningsbyrå i Norge: En mangfoldig typologi av arbeidstakere. Søkelys på arbeidslivet. Vol. 35.

Dahl, Espen ; Saltkjel, Therese ; Ingelsrud, Mari Holm ; Halvorsen, Knut (2017). A fuzzy set approach to economic crisis, austerity and public health. Part I. European countries' conformity to ideal types during the economic downturn. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health. Vol. 45.

Saltkjel, Therese ; Ingelsrud, Mari Holm ; Dahl, Espen ; Halvorsen, Knut (2017). A fuzzy set approach to economic crisis, austerity and public health. Part II: How are configurations of crisis and austerity related to changes in population health across Europe?. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health. Vol. 45.

Ingelsrud, Mari Holm (2017). Hospital Mergers in Norway: Employee Health and Turnover to Three Destinations. Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies. Vol. 7.

Ingelsrud, Mari Holm (2016). Disability retirement and public sector reorganization: Hospital mergers in Norway. 16 p. Acta Sociologica. Vol. 59.

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