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Heidi Gautun

Heidi Gautun


Heidi Gautun is a senior researcher at the department of Ageing Research and Housing Studies, Norwegian Social Research (NOVA). Her research interests include family care to older people, the intersection between (informal and formal) care services to the elderly and labor market inclusion, as well as integrated care, with a special focus on community care services.

Fields of study

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Subject areas

Informal care   Elderly care services   Coordination hospitals and community care services   Combining work and care for older parents

Research projects

Scientific publications

Veenstra, Marijke; Gautun, Heidi (2020). Nurses' assessments of staffing adequacy in care services for older patients following hospital discharge. Journal of Advanced Nursing .

Gautun, Heidi; Bratt, Christopher; Billings, Jenny (2020). Nurses' experiences of transitions of older patients from hospitals to community care. A nation-wide survey in Norway. 9 p. Health Science Reports . Vol. 3.

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Gautun, Heidi (2018). Prioriteringer i pleie- og omsorgssektoren Diskrimineres eldre?. Tidsskrift for omsorgsforskning . Vol. 4.

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Gautun, Heidi; Veenstra, Marijke; Martens, Christine Thokle (2016). Samarbeidsavtaler og samarbeid om utskriving av pasienter. Tidsskrift for omsorgsforskning .

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