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Crosscare-Old: A Cross Sectoral Approach to High Quality Healthcare Transitions for Older People

The project aims to increase the understanding of the role of cross-sectoral factors that constitute barriers for high quality care transitions for older people from hospital to municipal care.

National health and care reforms during recent years have increased municipalities’ responsibility for developing integrated health and care services in collaboration with hospitals as well as individual users.

The primary objective in the project CROSSCARE-OLD is to generate new research-based knowledge on cross-sectoral care transitions for older patients from specialized hospital care to municipal health and care services.


  1. to obtain new and user-based knowledge that can contribute to the development of practical guidelines for high quality of transitional health care for geriatric patients
  2. to investigate associations between variations in hospital length of stay and readmission rates with characteristics of patients, financial and structural resources as well as collaborative cultures
  3. to map emerging challenges pertaining transitions between different municipal units and services
  4. to develop a cross-sectoral 30-days transitional care model for geriatric patients
  5. to strengthen the foundation for knowledge-based education and professional practice; and
  6. to create a long-term interdisciplinary core cluster for research and education on health and care services.

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    The Centre for Care Research, Faculty of Health Care and Nursing, NTNU Gjøvik.