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Enabling Ageing in Place (AgePlace)

In this project the researchers aim to generate new knowledge on the precondition for safe ageing in place.

The overall goal of the project is to generate knowledge on the preconditions for safe ageing in place and based on this knowledge, to suggest measures for implementing ageing in place policies in Norwegian municipalities.

The background for the project is demographic changes that are escalating the pressure on elderly care services. To reduce the demand for (costly) services and improve the quality of life for older people, the authorities have a strong focus on developing policies that can facilitate older individuals to live safely in their homes for as long as possible. 

Ageing in place is understood as an interaction between older people and their environment and will be explored and explained across different groups of older people in relation to housing and surroundings, social networks, access to formal and informal care, technology, and the personal characteristics.

Researchers specializing in housing, health- and care services (both informal and formal care), and researchers studying innovation in public and private services will collaborate on the project. The researchers have established close cooperation with two boroughs in the capital Oslo, one medium-sized and one small rural municipality.

The project is funded by The Research Council of Norway, the HELSEVEL programme, project number 344102.

  • Work packages

    The project is organized into 6 work packages (WPs):

    1. In WP1 we will assess political barriers and facilitators for safe aging in place (literature review). 
    2. In WP2 we will investigate older peoples’ opportunities to adapt their living situations for old age (survey).
    3. In WP 3 we will explore measures to reduce social isolation and loneliness among older people (case study in selected municipalities).
    4. In WP 4 we explore, also using case study data, health and care services at the intersection with environmental demands among different groups of older individuals.
    5. In WP5 we will investigate family care as a precondition for succeeding with ageing in place (survey).
    6. In WP 6 we will, based on findings from work packages 1-5, and through a co-creation process with districts/municipalities, develop a handbook with advice for safe aging in place.
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