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Siri Yde Aksnes

Siri Yde Aksnes

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Social anthropology

Subject areas

Social Politics   Institutional Ethnography   Work inclusion   Home Office

Research projects

Scientific publications

Aksnes, Siri Yde; Breit, Eric Martin Alexander (2022). Integrerte tjenester med sosiale entreprenører? Erfaringer fra samarbeid mellom sosiale entreprenører og Nav. Saltkjel, Therese; Rønningstad, Chris Andre; Sønderskov, Mette (Ed.). Samhandling og inkludering i arbeidslivet. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.

Aksnes, Siri Yde; Olsvold, Nina (2019). Collaboration and trust: expanding the concept of ruling relations. Lund, Rebecca Waters Bolden; Nilsen, Ann Christin Eklund (Ed.). Institutional Ethnography in the Nordic Region. Chapter 11. p. 138-150. Routledge.

Aksnes, Siri Yde (2019). Engaging employers in vocational rehabilitation: Understanding the new significance of knowledge brokers. Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation . Vol. 50.

Aksnes, Siri Yde (2017). Rethinking vocational rehabilitation through institutional ethnography. Journal of Comparative Social Work . Vol. 12.

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