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Christin Thea Wathne

Christin Thea Wathne


Dr. Christin Thea Wathne is a senior researcher and leads the AFI Research Group Work, Management and Mastery (ALM). Wathne obtained a PhD in criminology from the University of Oslo in 2015. She has been working at the Work Research Institute (AFI) from 2001

Academic disciplines: Sociology, Management and leadership

Her interests includes: Policing and society, Leadership, Management, New Public Management, Goal - and Performance Management, Work environment, Working life research, Coping, Public Service Motivation, Organizational learning, Gender, Participation, Restructuring processes, Action research

Research projects

Scientific publications

Drange, Ida ; Falkum, Eivind ; Wathne, Christin Thea (2023). Covid, work reorganisation and trust: the importance of employment relations. 18 p. Labour and Industry.

Gundhus, Helene Ingebrigtsen; Skjevrak, Pernille ; Wathne, Christin (2023). We Will Always Be Better Than a Spreadsheet: Intelligence Logic and Crime Prevention in Practice. European Journal of Policing Studies.

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These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete