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Pernille Skjevrak

Pernille Skjevrak


I am a legal sociologist, and have previously worked at the Norwegian Police University College and in the Norwegian Ministry of Children and Families. I am particularly interested in topics related to crime prevention and standardized tools and methods within individual-oriented crime prevention.

My research interests include:

Research projects

Scientific publications

Gundhus, Helene Ingebrigtsen; Skjevrak, Pernille ; Wathne, Christin (2023). We Will Always Be Better Than a Spreadsheet: Intelligence Logic and Crime Prevention in Practice. European Journal of Policing Studies.

Dahl, Johanne Yttri; Fyfe, Nicholas R.; Gundhus, Helene Ingebrigtsen; Larsson, Paul; Skjevrak, Pernille ; Runhovde, Siv Rebekka; Vestby, Annette (2021). Old, New, Borrowed and Blue - Shifts In Modern Policing. 16 p. British Journal of Criminology. Vol. 62.

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