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Arild Henrik Steen

Arild Henrik Steen

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Welfare state   Working life   Management   Labour markets and wage formation   Research policy   Work environment   Time allocation, work behaviour and employment determination and creation   Trade unions and collective bargaining   Conflict resolution   Gender equality   Transportation   Inclusion in the Labour Market   Omstilling   Det fleksible arbeidsliv

Scientific publications

Hvid, Helge Søndergaard; Falkum, Eivind; STEEN, Arild Henrik (2019). Nordic working life, shaped through conflicts and compromises. Hvid, Helge Søndergaard; Falkum, Eivind (Ed.). Work and Wellbeing in the Nordic Countries. Critical Perspectives on the World's Best Working Lives. 1. p. 9-29. Routledge.

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