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Per Erik Solem

Per Erik Solem


Per Erik Solem has worked with ageing research (gerontology) since he graduated as a licensed psychologist in 1970. He has a wide orientation in gerontology and has worked with ageing in general and psychological and social ageing in particular. He has a long teaching and research experience on subjects such as active ageing, cognitive age changes, dementia, death and dying, ageism, theories of ageing, and occupational gerontology (ageing, work and retirement). In recent years occupational gerontology has been his main research field. Per Erik Solem is professor (20%) in gerontology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Gjøvik.

Research projects

  • Active Ageing – Pathways and Outcomes (AgePaths)

    This project investigates pathways and outcomes of active ageing in three domains and their interactions: the labor market, civil society, and the family.

  • ExitAge

    The objective of the project is to increase the knowledge about the oldest workers and their experiences, as well as how companies handle work exit and the change in mandatory retirement age.

  • Social Inequalities in Ageing (SiA)

    In this project researchers investigate what influences social inequalities in health, and how different organization of welfare institutions can affect social inequalities in ageing.

  • The Work-retirement Transition

    The project aims to investigate characteristics of the work-retirement transition and the factors contributing to when and how the transition takes place.