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Tale Hellevik

Tale Hellevik


Tale Hellevik is a senior researcher at the department of Ageing Research and Housing Studies, Norwegian Social Research (NOVA). Her research topics have centered on different aspects of the Norwegian welfare state, including seeing Norwegian welfare arrangements in a comparative perspective. She was in the coordinating team for Nordic Center of Excellence: Reassessing the Nordic Welfare Model. She has also studied the transition to adulthood and parental support. Her postdoc was part of the international project The Timing of Life: Understanding the Consequences of Individualization for the Organization of the Life Course in Europe.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Sociology   Political science and organisational theory

Subject areas

Life-evolvement   Retirement   Aging and work   Transition to adulthood   Welfare benefits and services   Values and attitudes   Sickness absence attitudes   Attitudes towards immigrants   Intergenerational relationships

Research projects

  • ACCESS Life Course Database: Upgrade and Expansion

    Through the ACCESS Upgrade infrastructure, researchers and students will gain access to updated and upgraded longitudinal life course data for more than 6,000 men and women aged 49 years and older.

  • ExitAge

    The objective of the project is to increase the knowledge about the oldest workers and their experiences, as well as how companies handle work exit and the change in mandatory retirement age.

  • The Norwegian Life Course, Ageing and Generation Study (NorLAG)

    A multidisciplinary and longitudinal study that includes data on well-being, health, work, care, and family relations in the second half of life (age 40+).

Scientific publications

Mastekaasa, Arne; Dale-Olsen, Harald; Hellevik, Tale; Løset, Gøril Kvamme; Østbakken, Kjersti Misje (2019). Gender difference in sickness absence: Do managers evaluate men and women differently with regard to the appropriateness of sickness absence?. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health .

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These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete