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Gøril Kvamme Løset

Gøril Kvamme Løset


Gøril Kvamme Løset is a researcher at the Department of Ageing Research and Housing Studies, Norwegian Social Research (NOVA). She has a PhD in psychology from the University of Oslo. Health, health behaviour and sickness absence over the course of life are among her main research interests. She is currently involved in two projects at NOVA: "Inequalities in Ageing Well and the Significance of Transitions in Later Life - TRILL" and "ACCESS Life Course Database: Upgrade and Expansion".

Fields of study

Subject areas

Aging   Old people   Aging and alcohol consumption   Health behaviour   Sickness Absence

Research projects

Scientific publications

Løset, Gøril Kvamme; Hellevik, Tale; von Soest, Tilmann (2022). Basic human values and sick leave: A study combining two-wave survey data with longitudinal register data. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology . Vol. 63.

Løset, Gøril Kvamme; von Soest, Tilmann (2022). Big five personality traits and physician-certified sickness absence. European Journal of Personality . Vol. 37.

Veenstra, Marijke; Løset, Gøril Kvamme; Daatland, Svein Olav (2021). Socioeconomic Inequalities in Mortality After Age 67: The Contribution of Psychological Factors. Frontiers in Psychology .

Veenstra, Marijke; Herlofson, Katharina; Aartsen, Marja; Hansen, Thomas; Hellevik, Tale; Henriksen, Gry; Løset, Gøril Kvamme; Vangen, Hanna (2021). Cohort Profile: The Norwegian Life Course, Ageing and Generation Study (NorLAG). International Journal of Epidemiology . Vol. 50.

Mastekaasa, Arne; Dale-Olsen, Harald; Hellevik, Tale; Løset, Gøril Kvamme; Østbakken, Kjersti Misje (2019). Gender difference in sickness absence: Do managers evaluate men and women differently with regard to the appropriateness of sickness absence?. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health .

Løset, Gøril Kvamme; Dale-Olsen, Harald; Hellevik, Tale; Mastekaasa, Arne; von Soest, Tilmann; Østbakken, Kjersti Misje (2018). Gender equality in sickness absence tolerance: Attitudes and norms of sickness absence are not different for men and women. 18 p. PLOS ONE . Vol. 13.

Kunst, Jonas R.; Løset, Gøril Kvamme; Hosøy, Daniel; Bjorvatn, Bjørn; Moen, Bente Elisabeth; Magerøy, Nils; Pallesen, Ståle (2014). The relationship between shift work schedules and spillover in a sample of nurses. International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics (JOSE) . Vol. 20.

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