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Marja Aartsen

Marja Aartsen


Marja Aartsen is research professor, working at the department for Aging and Housing studies. She has a background in Sociology and received her PhD degree at the VU University Amsterdam. Her academic interest is on social gerontology. Marja’a research concentrates on social exclusion, social inequalities and developments in social functioning in the second half of life. She is interested in the statistical modelling of longitudinal associations between social functioning and other domains of functioning such as cognitive and mental functioning and physical health. Marja is co-leader for two international research projects focusing on social exclusion in late life: GENPATH and AMASE (which is a Romanian-Norwegian collaboration). She is also member of the research team responsible for the Norwegian Life-course, Ageing and Generations study in Norway (NorLAG) and editor of the European Journal of Ageing.

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Aging   Social inequalities   Life-evolvement   Methodology   Social network   Social exclusion

Research projects

Scientific publications

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