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ACCESS Life Course Database: Upgrade and Expansion

Through the ACCESS Upgrade infrastructure, researchers and students will gain access to updated and upgraded longitudinal life course data for more than 6,000 men and women aged 49 years and older.

 Life course studies constitute an important research area for social- and health sciences. In Norway, studies that follow the same individuals over a longer period of time, have been relatively scarce. 

Data from The Norwegian Life course, Ageing and Generation panel study (NorLAG) form the basis of this infrastructure. NorLAG combines survey data and with information from public registers addressing key life domains: health and health behaviour, work and retirement, family relations, leisure time, care and quality of life.

By the end of the establishment phase of the infrastructure, information from three waves of survey data (2002, 2007 and 2017) and annual register data for a 20-year period (2002-2022) will be available for research purposes. The data provide unique opportunities for tracing individuals through different life phases and for analysing role changes and life events over time.

This way, ACCESS Upgrade will strengthen the foundation for empirical welfare research and provide an important tool for research that can feed into policy goals, such as active ageing, combating social inequalities across the life course, intergenerational solidarity and family-work balances.

A main aim of ACCESS Upgrade is to improve validity and reliability of existing data and measurement instruments.  The upgrade will ensure that researchers have access to data through new systems that are flexible, secure and user-friendly. The infrastructure will also establish meeting grounds where researchers, students and other stakeholders can come together and discuss topics of relevance for the infrastructure.

ACCESS Upgrade is hosted by NOVA at OsloMet, founder of the NorLAG study, and the Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD).

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