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Katharina Herlofson

Katharina Herlofson


Katharina Herlofson is a senior researcher at the department of Ageing Research and Housing Studies, Norwegian Social Research (NOVA). Her research interests include gender and intergenerational relationships in a comparative perspective and older workers and retirement. She has participated in EU-funded international research projects (OASIS, Multilinks), and is a co-investigator for the Norwegian Life Course, Ageing and Generation Study (NorLAG).

Fields of study

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Subject areas

Aging   Life-evolvement   Old people   Informal care   Intergenerational relationships   Grandparenthood

Research projects

Scientific publications

Vangen, Hanna; Hellevik, Tale; Herlofson, Katharina (2021). Associations between paid and unpaid work among Norwegian seniors: competition, complementarity or continuity?. European Journal of Ageing .

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