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Axel West Pedersen

Axel West Pedersen


Axel West Pedersen is professor at NOVA and the Department of Social Work, Child Welfare and Social Policy, Oslo Metropolitan University. He is trained as a political scientist at the University of Aarhus and holds a PhD in Political and Social Science from the European University Institute in Florence. Pedersen’s research interests include historical-comparative studies of the development of pension systems, studies of welfare opinion, and studies of the consequences of welfare policies for income inequality and income poverty.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Comparative politics

Subject areas

Distribution of Income   Security   Pension policy   Welfare attitudes

Research projects

Scientific publications

Heggebø, Kristian; Pedersen, Axel West (2023). The Norwegian Welfare State Adjusting to Crisis: Temporary Changes in Unemployment Benefit Regulations during the COVID-19 Pandemic and their Long-Term Implications. Takle, Marianne; Vedeler, Janikke Solstad; Schoyen, Mi Ah; Bøhler, Kjetil Klette; Falch-Eriksen, Asgeir (Ed.). Citizenship and Social Exclusion at the Margins of the Welfare State. 3. p. 48-63. Routledge.

Hellevik, Tale; Herlofson, Katharina; Pedersen, Axel West (2023). Hvordan måle tidspunkt for avgang fra yrkeslivet i Norge? Om ulike definisjoner, metoder og resultater. Søkelys på arbeidslivet . Vol. 40.

Halvorsen, Elin; Pedersen, Axel West (2022). Bidrar folketrygdens pensjonssystem til inntektsutjevning i et livsløpsperspektiv?. Søkelys på arbeidslivet . Vol. 39.

Pedersen, Axel West (2021). Approaches to minimum-income protection in old age: comparing the three Scandinavian countries. Aidukaite, Jolanta; Hort, Sven E. O.; Kuhnle, Stein (Ed.). Challenges to the Welfare State: Family and Pension Policies in the Baltic and Nordic Countries. 10. p. 181-202. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Bay, Ann-Helén; Pedersen, Axel West (2021). The age profile of European welfare states. A source of intergenerational conflict?. Falch-Eriksen, Asgeir; Takle, Marianne; Britt, Slagsvold (Ed.). Generational Tensions and Solidarity Within Advanced Welfare States. p. 38-58. Routledge.

Pedersen, Axel West; Schøyen, Mi Ah (2021). Welfare state redistribution between overlapping generations – normative theories applied to two contemporary debates. Falch-Eriksen, Asgeir; Takle, Marianne; Britt, Slagsvold (Ed.). Generational Tensions and Solidarity Within Advanced Welfare States. p. 19-37. Routledge.

Kitterød, Hege; Grødem, Anne Skevik; Pedersen, Axel West (2021). Kjønnsgap i holdninger til pensjonssystemet – verdikamp eller økonomisk egeninteresse?. Tidsskrift for velferdsforskning . Vol. 24.

Barth, Erling; Moene, Karl Ove (Kalle); Pedersen, Axel West (2021). Rising Inequality in the Egalitarian Nordics. Fischer, Georg; Strauss, Robert (Ed.). Europe's Income, Wealth, Consumption, and Inequality. 6. p. 219-246. Oxford University Press.

Kitterød, Ragni Hege; Pedersen, Axel West (2020). Deling av pensjonsrettigheter mellom ektefeller. Hva sier opinionen?. Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning . Vol. 61.

Halrynjo, Sigtona; Kitterød, Ragni Hege; Pedersen, Axel West (2019). A woman’s cause? Popular attitudes towards pension credits for childcare in Norway. European Journal of Social Security (EJSS) . Vol. 21.

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