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Kristian Heggebø

Kristian Heggebø

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Stratification   Labour market   Security   Unemployment   Social inequalities and health   Health inequalities

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Scientific publications

Heggebø, Kristian (2022). Gendered health consequences of unemployment in Norway 2000–2017: a register‑based study of hospital admissions, health‑related benefit utilisation, and mortality. 13 p. BMC Public Health . Vol. 22.

Heggebø, Kristian; Hvinden, Bjørn (2022). Attitudes towards climate change and economic inequality: a cross-national comparative study. Towards Sustainable Welfare States in Europe. Social Policy and Climate Change. ch. 3. p. 53-79. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Elstad, Jon Ivar; Heggebø, Kristian; Dahl, Espen (2022). Nordic research on health inequalities: A scoping review of empirical studies published in Scandinavian Journal of Public Health 2000–2021. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health . Vol. 50.

Elstad, Jon Ivar; Heggebø, Kristian (2021). ‘Crowded out’? Immigration Surge and Residents’ Employment Outcomes in Norway1. Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies . Vol. 11.

Friedman, Joseph; Calderon-Villarreal, Alhelí; Heggebø, Kristian; Balaj, Mirza; Bambra, Clare; Eikemo, Terje Andreas (2021). COVID-19 and the Nordic Paradox: a call to measure the inequality reducing benefits of welfare systems in the wake of the pandemic. 4 p. Social Science and Medicine . Vol. 289.

Gauffin, Karl; Heggebø, Kristian; Elstad, Jon Ivar (2021). Precariousness in Norway and Sweden: a comparative register-based study of longstanding precarious attachment to the labour market 1996–2015. European Societies .

Elstad, Jon Ivar; Heggebø, Kristian (2020). ‘Crowded out’? Immigration Surge and Residents’ Employment Outcomes in Norway. Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies .

Heggebø, Kristian; Bråthen, Magne; Hermansen, Åsmund (2020). Deltakelse på arbeidsmarkedstiltak – hjelp til selvhjelp? Helserelatert ulikhet i sysselsetting blant langtidsmottakere av økonomisk sosialhjelp. Søkelys på arbeidslivet .

Heggebø, Kristian; Dahl, Espen; van der Wel, Kjetil A. (2020). Disentangling the dynamics of social assistance: A linked survey—Register data cohort study of long-term social assistance recipients in Norway. PLOS ONE . Vol. 15.

Heggebø, Kristian (2020). Kva er arbeid – eigentleg? Cato Wadel og Sysselsettingsutvalet. Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning . Vol. 61.

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