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Solidarity in European Societies: Empowerment, Social Justice and Citizenship (SOLIDUS)

Overall, the project analyses the acts and policies of solidarity we see developing across Europe, the extent to which they involve dialogic and inclusive processes, and what outcomes and relevance for policy developments they have.

First, the project identifies the successful acts and policies of solidarity that have emerged as responses to the crisis – for instance efforts to create new job opportunities or improve access to health services. To the extent they succeed, these acts or policies may contribute to creating or re-creating the traits of inclusive and prosperous societies, by influencing both the macro-level (social equality) and the micro-level (the wellbeing of citizens).

As next step, the project examines the common elements among the acts and policies and their transferability to other and different contexts. The project studies in depth the accomplishments of the acts and policies in five broad areas: housing, education, employment, social engagement and health. Finally, the project pays special attention to social investment initiatives that are enhancing the impact of the new acts and policies of solidarity.


OsloMet has contributed to building a is a collection of data materials from 12 European countries, focusing on education, employment, health, immigration, welfare, economics, politics, law/rights, and NGOs/civil society: Solidaritydata. The collection was finished in 2017.

The data collection can be used for further research projects.

  • Participants at OsloMet

    • Bjørn Hvinden
    • Marianne Takle
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  • Partner institutions

    • Centre of Research CREA, University of Barcelona
    • Business School Health of the University of Deusto
    • Roskilde University
    • School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford
    • University of Utrecht
    • University of Cyprus
    • Central European University, Center for Policy Studies
    • Matej Bel University in Banská Bystria
    • University College Dublin
    • Escola de saúde Pública, University Nova Lisboa
    • University of Peloponeso
    • University of Edinburgh