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Jon Ivar Elstad

Jon Ivar Elstad


Graduated in sociology, worked in social research since 1981, PhD in 2000. Main research areas: Social inequalities in health, theories of class, children's level of living, the impact of The Great Recession on population health and access to health care in Europe, health care utilization among migrants, the role of genetics in social research, the impact of family income on school results, etc.

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Fields of study

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Subject areas

Social inequalities and health   Socioeconomic inequality   Living conditions of children   Social epidemiology

Research projects

Scientific publications

Elstad, Jon Ivar; Heggebø, Kristian; Dahl, Espen (2022). Nordic research on health inequalities: A scoping review of empirical studies published in Scandinavian Journal of Public Health 2000–2021. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health . Vol. 50.

Elstad, Jon Ivar; Heggebø, Kristian (2021). ‘Crowded out’? Immigration Surge and Residents’ Employment Outcomes in Norway1. Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies . Vol. 11.

Elstad, Jon Ivar (2021). Will more education work? Economic marginalization and educational inequalities across birth cohorts 1955-1980. Falch-Eriksen, Asgeir; Takle, Marianne; Britt, Slagsvold (Ed.). Generational Tensions and Solidarity Within Advanced Welfare States. Chapter 7. p. 111-129. Routledge.

Elstad, Jon Ivar; Vabø, Mia (2021). Lack of recognition at the societal level heightens turnover considerations among Nordic eldercare workers: a quantitative analysis of survey data. 10 p. BMC Health Services Research . Vol. 21.

Gauffin, Karl; Heggebø, Kristian; Elstad, Jon Ivar (2021). Precariousness in Norway and Sweden: a comparative register-based study of longstanding precarious attachment to the labour market 1996–2015. European Societies .

Dahl, Espen; Elstad, Jon Ivar; Hermansen, Åsmund; van der Wel, Kjetil A. (2021). Uførhet og dødsrisiko i arbeiderklassen - Hva betyr arbeidsmiljø og arbeidsforhold?. Ljunggren, Jørn; Hansen, Marianne Nordli (Ed.). Arbeiderklassen. 14. p. 275-291. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.

Elstad, Jon Ivar; Heggebø, Kristian (2020). ‘Crowded out’? Immigration Surge and Residents’ Employment Outcomes in Norway. Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies .

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Elstad, Jon Ivar; Heggebø, Kristian (2019). Et voksende prekariat? Langvarige tilknytninger til arbeidslivet blant kjernegruppene i arbeidsmarkedet. Søkelys på arbeidslivet . Vol. 36.

Heggebø, Kristian; Bell, Justyna; Tolgensbakk, Ida; Elstad, Jon Ivar (2019). «Crowded out»? Relative forskjeller og relativt store tolkningsproblemer. Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning . Vol. 60.

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