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Health and Welfare Studies

This research group is a department of the Norwegian Social Research (NOVA) and aims to generate knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of the Norwegian welfare state from different angles, adopting national and cross-national comparative perspectives.

The purpose of welfare policies is to ensure good standard of living, good health and a high quality of life for the population. This requires a continuous revision of our knowledge about social policy, services and benefits, users of the welfare state in general and vulnerable groups in particular.

The goal of the Department of Health and Welfare Studies at NOVA is to build expertise in these fields and contribute to this knowledge base. 

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Featured research

Young man reading book in library.
Education is no guarantee against unemployment and poverty

Despite the increasing educational level of the population, the risk of becoming unemployed or becoming a social assistance or disability benefit recipient is not decreasing correspondingly, according to new research from OsloMet.

A toughtful young man sitting alone
Anxiety and depression more common among adults with ADHD

According to new research, there may be several reasons for this.

Norwegian oil platform "Statfjord A".
Providing for the future: to use or not to use Norway’s oil and gas

How did a desire to preserve oil and gas for future generations and protect the environment turn into the largest oil fund in the world and the foundation of the Norwegian welfare state?

Young woman standing in front of a street.
Young people may face particular challenges in the post-Corona labour market

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in both a global health crisis and a financial crisis on a scale never before seen in modern times. The labour market that emerges in the wake of the crisis may impact younger workers harder than others.

Adult male in a dentist chair looking up at female dentist in white coat.
Low-income earners skip going to the dentist

The financial crisis in Europe has led to fewer people with low incomes going to the dentist. This is also the case in Norway.