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Sognsvann Lake in Oslo under cloud cover.

How to Prevent People From Becoming Radicalised

If we are serious about keeping people from radicalising and committing acts of terrorism, the work begins long before they become active on extremist websites.

Older couple with bikes.

Old Age and Happiness: Some Common Misconceptions

Are older people more likely to feel loneliness? Will having children make you happier when you get old? And are old men really as irritable as we think?

Parents arguing in the background. Sad boy sitting at table listening.

Five Measures That Can Prevent Violence Against Children

Less severe violence against children and young people is declining, whereas severe forms of violence remain stable. According to OsloMet researchers, there are five measures that can reduce severe violence.

Overview of urban Bergen.

How do Norway, Sweden and Denmark Address Urban Segregation Differently?

The Scandinavian countries have attracted migrants from around the world. While some of the measures they have adopted to combat segregation are similar, policy responses in the three countries also indicate significant divergences.

Detail of a laptop.

Making Universal Design a Reality

When we design technology to be usable for for everyone, we enable them to participate in society, regardless of disability or impairment. The United Nations refers to this as universal design.

Computer screen seen through the glasses of a man looking at the screen. Most of it is out of focus except the small part seen through the glasses.

Lack of Knowledge Affects People with Visual Impairments

"Employers do not know enough about visual impairment and therefore choose not to hire applicants," says research fellow Gagan Chhabra at OsloMet.

Hands holding mobile phones.

We Need to Take Better Care of Our Personal Data

Websites often make it difficult to understand what kind of personal data they are collecting from visitors. The rules governing data collection should be tightened, argues one OsloMet researcher.

Minister of Digitalisation Nikolai Astrup and researcher Gustavo Mello looking at a computer screen at the new AI lab.

A New Artificial Intelligence Research Centre

OsloMet has unveiled a new artificial intelligence research centre. The centre, it is hoped, will help strengthen Norway's position as a leading actor in the AI field.

Woman and child outdoor in hiking gear.

Six Myths about Gender, Family and Work Life in Norway

Norway is widely regarded as a pioneer in the area of gender equality. What does the latest research tell us about the strides women have made in society and the state of gender equality more broadly?