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Cyclists on electric bikes on a sunny summer day
How to get more people to bicycle

In his new book, cycling researcher Daniel Piatkowski shows how we can get even more people out of cars and onto bikes.

Two people searching for something in a book at a library.
Making universal design truly universal

Examples of universal design are all around us but mostly focus on helping people with physical disabilities while designers often forget about accommodating cognitive disabilities.

Norwegian royal palace facade with the royal family on the balcony and graduating high schoolers walking and crawling on the ground in a parade dressed in red or blue "russ" outfits.
The Norwegian graduation celebration that bonds and divides students

To mark the end of 13 years of education, Norway’s high school graduates participate in a celebration characterized by unique outfits, and bedazzled buses.

Dark clouds and light clouds alternating, with a small opening in the cloud cover with more light.
What will the clouds above us be like in the future?

Artificial intelligence can now be trained to predict what the cloud cover will look like when the climate changes.

People in summer clothes walking across the Oslo Fjord on a floating bridge with the city of Oslo in the background.
The oil fund will not be there for our grandchildren

A close look at the principles governing the management of Norway’s oil fund shows that it may run out in two generations or less.

People standing in line on a sidewalk in a Norwegian city. Many carry empty shopping bags.
Slipping through the safety net

Norway and many other European countries have robust social safety nets. Yet they continue to fail their poorest citizens.

Pupils working in a classroom with a teacher
– Fast and fair transformations to low-carbon societies are difficult without critical climate education

Professor Hanne Svarstad argues that rapid and just climate action requires that people are offered education to understand the most important consequences of the various climate mitigation alternatives.

Close-up of a girls face, painted with a map of the European continent, and with striking eyes.
Europe move towards more restrictive, selective and temporary refugee policies

Over the past decade, European countries have grown more restrictive in whom they grant protection, and for how long that protection is granted.

pile of clothes, female arms and hands holding clothes
Sustainable fashion or plastic pollution? A closer look at industry strategies

The fashion industry bears responsibility for the waste generated by synthetic clothing – even though the blame is often directed at consumers, according to researchers.

boy playing Fortnite
Buying popularity: how children are influenced by in-game spending

Kids risk being bullied or isolated if they don’t spend money on skins or equipment. Researchers have mapped how young people get manipulated into spending money while gaming.

Girl doing crafts in a classroom
It takes courage to create

Resistance and obstacles are needed to unlock creativity, according to Arild Berg, artist and professor at OsloMet.

Shows the legs and white cane of a blind person walking on a gray paved sidewalk. Next to him, a person walks with him.
How artificial intelligence can help the visually impaired

Traditional navigation tools for the visually impaired are often impractical and require extensive training. Yet rapid advancements in artificial intelligence and the increasing computational capabilities of smartphones are opening new doors to enhance navigation assistance.