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woman washing salad and vegetables

Is Your Kitchen Clean Enough?

Every year, 5,000 Europeans die from diseases contracted from food. Researchers visited people’s homes and discovered both good and bad kitchen habits in different European countries.

Woman using her finger to touch a big table-like touch screen with big letters and one letter marked in green.

In an Emergency, Accessibility Counts

Universal design is a necessity for some, but good for all. This mantra is driving OsloMet researchers Weiqin Chen and Terje Gjøsæter in their ongoing work.

Two artists drawing.

Why You Should Start Drawing Again

Most people stop drawing as children. Drawing has a number of benefits, however—even for adults.

Statsrådene Kjell Ingolf Ropstad, Bent Høie, statsminister Erna Solberg og Guri Melby på pressekonferanse.

How to Communicate Effectively During a Pandemic Threat

There are some common mistakes the media and health authorities make when communicating a pandemic threat, according to Professor Harald Hornmoen.

Young woman standing in front of a street.

Young People May Face Particular Challenges in the Post-Corona Labour Market

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in both a global health crisis and a financial crisis on a scale never before seen in modern times. The labour market that emerges in the wake of the crisis may impact younger workers harder than others.

Young woman sits typing at the computer having a small child in her lap

Norwegian Study Looks at How the Coronavirus Pandemic is Affecting People’s Health and Careers

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting the majority of employed adults in Norway, but in different ways.

OsloMet researcher Svenn-Erik Mamelund.

Are Measures Designed to Control the Spread of Coronavirus Working? And at What Cost?

Svenn-Erik Mamelund is something of a rarity: a social scientist who specialises in pandemics. It is little wonder, then, that the OsloMet researcher is in high demand.

laundry basket and washing machine

Doing Laundry During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Most of us are concerned with practising good hygiene and keeping the places we live and spend time clean. But does our vigilance extend to what we wear? Here are some things you can do to avoid spreading the virus through your clothes.

Wild river

Should rivers be granted the same rights as humans?

Axel Borchgrevink is going to investigate what happens when rivers are granted the same rights as humans.

Picture of the underwater robot

Underwater Robots Can Help Detect Pollution at Sea

Underwater robots, which consumes little energy, can collect environmental data over a long period o...

Illustrationphoto of sperm cells

In Search of the Ideal Sperm Cell

Can artificial intelligence increase the effectiveness of artificial insemination?

Sognsvann Lake in Oslo under cloud cover.

How to Prevent People from Becoming Radicalised

If we are serious about keeping people from radicalising and committing acts of terrorism, the work begins long before they become active on extremist websites.