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Evaluation of Ritual Circumcision of Boys (RITOM)

This evaluation shall produce research-based knowledge on whether the Norwegian law on ritual circumcision of boys functions according to its purpose.

Does the law protect the physical and mental health of the child during and after the operation, and does the operation  preclude other necessary health services?

The main research questions are:

The evaluation will be based on interviews conducted in  the four  health regions in Norway, at the healthcare providers that  carry out these operations, with religious leaders and with parents. Further, we will collect qualitative health-data about the volume of these operations and the medical methods used.

The project is organized in 6 phases from 2017 to 2020.

Ritual circumcision of boys and the law that regulates it is strongly debated in Norway, and this evaluation is an important source of research-based knowledge for Norwegian authorities  as they assess the functioning of the law.

The evaluation is commissioned and financed by The Norwegian Research Council. The total amount of funding is NOK 2,795,000.