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Kim Tallerås

Kim Tallerås

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Bibliometrics   Information and communication systems   Information and communication technology   Information policy   Knowledge retrieval and organisation

Subject areas

Metadata   Source criticism   Knowledge organization   Digital humanities   Digital accessibility   Cultural policy

Research projects

  • Political Dynamics of the Cultural Sector (POLYCUL)

    This project depart from the hypothesis that explanations for developments in cultural policy, and in particular its failure to realize programmatic goals, are found in the dynamics of interest-based politics that at work in the cultural sector.

Scientific publications

Colbjørnsen, Terje ; Larsen, Håkon ; Tallerås, Kim ; Liguzinski, Maciej (2024). Extending the media welfare state: The role of libraries in the Nordic countries. Jakobsson, Peter; Lindell, Johan; Stiernstedt, Fredrik (Ed.). The Future of the Nordic Media Model: A digital media welfare state?. Nordicom.

Colbjørnsen, Terje ; Tallerås, Kim ; Steiner, Ann (2023). Talking About Audio: Analysing Book Industry Trade Talk on Audiobooks and Streaming in Sweden and Norway. 16 p. Publishing research quarterly. Vol. 39.

Larsen, Håkon ; Colbjørnsen, Terje ; Tallerås, Kim (2022). En norsk bokbransje i endring og interesseorganisasjonenes politiske påvirkningsarbeid. Nordisk kulturpolitisk tidsskrift. Vol. 25.

Evjen, Sunniva ; Colbjørnsen, Terje ; Bøyum, Idunn ; Tallerås, Kim ; Olsen, Heidi Kristin (2021). Samfunnsoppdrag under press Erfaringer og vurderinger i norske bibliotek under Covid-19. Nordic Journal of Library and Information Studies. Vol. 2.

Colbjørnsen, Terje ; Tallerås, Kim ; Øfsti, Olav Marius (2020). Contingent availability: A case-based approach to understanding availability in streaming services and cultural policy implications. International Journal of Cultural Policy.

Tallerås, Kim ; Skold, Olle (2020). What they talk about when they talk about the need for critical evaluation of information sources: An analysis of norwegian and swedish news articles mentioning `source criticism?. 8 p. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). Vol. 12051 LNCS.

Tallerås, Kim ; Colbjørnsen, Terje ; Oterholm, Knut ; Larsen, Håkon (2020). Cultural Policies, Social Missions, Algorithms and Discretion: What Should Public Service Institutions Recommend?. Sundqvist, Anneli; Berget, Gerd; Nolin, Jan; Skjerdingstad, Kjell Ivar (Ed.). Sustainable Digital Communities. 15th International Conference, iConference 2020, Boras, Sweden, March 23–26, 2020, Proceedings. p. 588-595. Springer.

Preminger, Michael ; Rype, Ingebjørg; Ådland, Marit Kristine ; Massey, David ; Tallerås, Kim (2020). The Public Library Metadata Landscape, the Case of Norway 2017–2018. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly.

Tallerås, Kim ; Colbjørnsen, Terje ; Øfsti, Marius (2019). Relativ tilgjengelighet: Formidling og utvelgelse i strømmetjenester for film, tv-serier og digitale bøker. Norsk Medietidsskrift. Vol. 26.

Aalberg, Trond ; Tallerås, Kim ; Massey, David (2019). The impact of new bibliographic models on the search experience. Information research. Vol. 24.

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