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Sunniva Evjen

Sunniva Evjen

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Library and information science   Information policy

Subject areas

Public libraries

Research projects

  • Political Dynamics of the Cultural Sector (POLYCUL)

    This project depart from the hypothesis that explanations for developments in cultural policy, and in particular its failure to realize programmatic goals, are found in the dynamics of interest-based politics that at work in the cultural sector.

Scientific publications

Johnston, Jamie; Pálsdóttir, Ágústa; Mierzecka, Anna; Audunson, Ragnar Andreas; Hobohm, Hans-Christoph; Rydbeck, Kerstin; Toth, Mate; Hvenegaard Rasmussen, Casper; Jochumsen, Henrik; Khosrowjerdi, Mahmood; Evjen, Sunniva (2021). Public librarians' perception of their professional role and the library's role in supporting the public sphere: a multi-country comparison. Journal of Documentation .

Evjen, Sunniva; Colbjørnsen, Terje; Bøyum, Idunn; Tallerås, Kim; Olsen, Heidi Kristin (2021). Samfunnsoppdrag under press Erfaringer og vurderinger i norske bibliotek under Covid-19. Nordic Journal of Library and Information Studies . Vol. 2.

Evjen, Sunniva; Olsen, Heidi Kristin; Tveit, Åse Kristine (2020). Rød mix: Ragnar Audunson som forsker og nettverksbygger. ISBN: 9788293298182. 324 p. ABM-media AS.

Vold, Tonje; Evjen, Sunniva (2020). Being, learning, doing: A palace for the children? A Tween’s Library Seen from the User’s Perspectives. Audunson, Ragnar Andreas; Andresen, Herbjørn; Fagerlid, Cicilie; Henningsen, Erik; Hobohm, Hans-Christoph; Jochumsen, Henrik; Larsen, Håkon; Vold, Tonje (Ed.). Libraries, Archives and Museums as Democratic Public Spaces in a Digital Age. 15. p. 305-324. De Gruyter Saur.

Audunson, Ragnar Andreas; Aabø, Svanhild; Blomgren, Roger; Evjen, Sunniva; Jochumsen, Henrik; Larsen, Håkon; Rasmussen, Casper Havnegaard; Vårheim, Andreas; Johnston, Jamie; Koizumi, Masanori (2019). Public libraries as an infrastructure for a sustainable public sphere: A comprehensive review of research. Journal of Documentation . Vol. 75.

Kannelønning, Mari Serine; Evjen, Sunniva (2018). Tillit og tverrfaglighet - om bibliotekaren som forskerstøtte. Nordisk Tidsskrift for informationsvitenskab- og kulturformidling . Vol. 7.

Evjen, Sunniva; Vold, Tonje (2018). "It's all about relations" - an investigation into the youth librarian’s role and proficiency. Nordisk Tidsskrift for informationsvitenskab- og kulturformidling . Vol. 7.

Audunson, Ragnar Andreas; Aabø, Svanhild; Andersen, Jack; Evjen, Sunniva; Jochumsen, Henrik; Koizumi, M; Widdersheim, M.M. (2017). Libraries as an Infrastructure for a Sustainable Public Sphere in a Digital Age. Sterzer, Wjatscheslaw (Ed.). iConference 2017 Proceedings: Effect, expand, evolve: Global collabaration across the information community. Sessions for Interaction and Engagement Descriptions. p. 928-931.

Audunson, Ragnar Andreas; Evjen, Sunniva (2017). The public library: an arena for an enlightened and rational public sphere? The case of Norway. Information research . Vol. 22.

Vold, Tonje; Evjen, Sunniva (2016). How children find their way: Access, adaptability and aesthetics in the organisation and design of a new children's library. Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology . Vol. 53.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete