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Mari Serine Kannelønning

Mari Serine Kannelønning


Apart from working with artificial intelligence (AI) and research support, focusing on AI use in research practices, I am a PhD student in social sciences within the area of information studies at OsloMet. I submitted my doctoral thesis on the introduction of AI in healthcare services in the autumn 2023.

Artificial Intelligence in healthcare (PhD project)

AI is expected to play an essential role in providing sustainable healthcare delivery in the future. In my doctoral project, I study ongoing work attempting to achieve such a future. Fundamentally, I am interested in questions such as how the actors involved, including authorities, AI researchers, vendors, physicians and hospital managers, see the future with AI? How do they discuss and plan for the introduction of these technologies? Which decisions are made by whom, and which implications may these decisions have? What happens as AI gets closer to implementation and is taken into use? My approach to these topics is explorative and qualitative, and the theoretical framework draws upon concepts and perspectives from Science and Technology Studies (STS).

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Artificial intelligence   Science and Technology Studies   Science and technology studies   Innovation in the public sector   Innovationprocesses   Science and technology policy   Science and technology studies   Artificial intelligence in health and ethics   Health- and welfare technology   Information technology

Scientific publications

Kannelønning, Mari Serine (2023). Navigating uncertainties of introducing artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare: The role of a Norwegian network of professionals. Technology in society.

Silsand, Line; Severinsen, Gro-Hilde; Kannelønning, Mari Serine (2023). Preparing for Implementing Commercial Algorithms in Radiology: A Formative Evaluation Study. 11 p. Reports of the European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies.

Kannelønning, Mari Serine (2023). Contesting futures of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare: formal expectations meet informal anticipations. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management.

Kannelønning, Mari Serine ; Evjen, Sunniva (2018). Tillit og tverrfaglighet - om bibliotekaren som forskerstøtte. 15 p. Nordisk Tidsskrift for informationsvitenskab- og kulturformidling. Vol. 7.

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